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Depression And Bipolar Disorder Disabled Woman Seeks Government Grant

by Ellen Conley
(Huntington, WV, USA)

Very happy time in my life

Very happy time in my life

Very happy time in my life Pure love Best friends

Hello! I'm a 34-year-old white single female. I have two brothers. I loved one to death and hated the other.

I have two sisters and I have no idea about them. We met them when their 28-year-old mother died of ovarian cancer.

My father worked hard in and out of the coalmines. He drove an 18-wheeler to take care of me and my two brothers.

I had two uncles who would take care of us but as time faded so did that. I mainly stayed with my aunt and uncle.

I've never had any children of my own. I was with child years ago and gave it to God so I couldn't hurt it or anything worse.

A lot of my family members joined the service but my mental illness kept me from joining, which hurt. I loved how you got that look of pride on your face in uniform and with badges.

I've had my dreams crushed forever because of my illness. I wanted to buy old homes and open a shelter for families and help animals with food and medical and more.

Disability Issues

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, mood swings, manic depression and major depression.

The only way I know how to describe the illness is that it's like being sad all the time.

It's lonely, like going to the dance a day late without a date, or missing the prom.

It's like being in a crowd and you think everyone knows you and you think they are all making fun of you or they are all talking about you.

Your face gets hot and you run out.

You're always finding ways to make your loved ones pinpoint your flaws so you're always hurting... when there's no reason to.

The disorder has really darkened my world, but thankfully there's now a medicine that takes the darkness away.

Financial Hardship

My financial stress is that I never have enough money for anything.

I'd love to be able to afford my medicine and food at the same time.

I'd love to be able to buy a car so I wouldn't have to walk.

I'd love to be able to buy some new clothes and so on.

Earning Efforts

I've tried using what resources I know but my state doesn't offer many options.

I've tried churches. I've even written letters to churches out of state.

I've looked in newspapers and I've asked friends for cash.

I've just run out of ideas.

Specific Needs

If you could find it in your power to help or direct me to someone that could I'd greatly thank you and do what I could to repay you or thank you.

But if nothing happens and I never ever find that extra cash I need, at least my story was put out there for others.

Thank you very much!

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