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Depression Disabled 53 Year Old Man Seeks Grant Money For Home Jewelry Business

by Scott Haase
(St. Charles, MO, USA)

Myself and Kron

Myself and Kron

My name is Scott Haase and I live in St Charles, Missouri. I'm looking for some grant money to help me get a little home business going.

Now 53 year old, I've been fighting clinical depression for the last 10 years. Last June (2009), I finally succumbed to it and became officially disabled.

I am married, have four children (one, a 13 year old still at home), and have several pets, dog and cats.

My plea is to try and restore some normalcy to my life and let me become productive again.

With suffering from bipolar depression with severe bouts of anxiety (General Anxiety Disorder) I am very restricted in what I can do outside the home.

I discovered I have a penchant for making homemade jewelry. With the aid of my wonderful wife, I have actually been able to sell some of the jewelry.

My wife currently has to work fulltime though and my ability to communicate with potential customers is restricted to the phone and the Internet.

I am seeking a Disability Grant to start my own business and let my wife quit her job so we may do this full time.

I have worked all my life and feel very helpless at the moment. God has given me the insight and creativity to do something useful.

I just need someone to help me raise it to the next level and once again become a hardworking American citizen who can feel he has contributed something to society and be proud of who I am.

Please help me get started in the right direction. Many thanks in advance and God Bless our great country.

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