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Depression Disabled Mom Seeks Grant Money For Children’s Clothing

by Rosemary Smith
(Newport Richey, FL, USA)

I am a 43-year-old woman with three children. One of my children is 15 and has ADHD.

I have been trying to get my lump sum payment from SSA for months now and I have heard one lie after another.

I am a great person with a big heart and I would do anything for anyone if I could. I love life to the best of my abilities, and love to cook, write poems, and smile most of the time.

I have a great family and we all love each other so much and help one another when we can.

Disability Issues

I have many issues and am no longer able to work. I haven’t been able to for some time now. I have lupus, fibromyalgia, a very bad back, and neck problems.

I am unable to do the things I love because I get tired easily. I also have major depression and anxiety, which keeps me from doing certain things in my life.

Financial Hardship

I am unable to pay any of my bills on time due to waiting on my SSA payments. I have no one to ask for help and I am getting more depressed.

I need to buy my son clothes and shoes and I can’t even do that. My electric is about to get shut off and because I live with someone else, nothing is in my name.

All my bills are behind and I’m unable to cope with day to day life because I’m so worried all the time.

Income Efforts

My income is from SSDI and I have been waiting on a huge lump sum payment. All I ever hear is “any day now” or “they’re working on one more thing” or “it will be 90 days as of May 11th.” No one has ever given me a straight answer.

I borrowed money from my sister and dad and they aren’t really able to help me anymore. For months and years I have been struggling. Please, I am in dire need and I have no one else to ask for help.

My lawyer isn’t doing anything either. She hasn’t heard a word and she was paid months ago. Does she really care about me now that she has gotten her funds? She also told me she and I would get a check cut at the same time and that is untrue.

I have even turned to Congress for help on this situation. Please help me.

Specific Needs

I am trying to get financial help and clothes grants for my children. My 15-year-old boy is growing out of his clothes and I’m unable to get him any due to my situation.

I’m hoping for help by any means you can help me. I need to catch up, please.

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