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Depression Disabled Single Mom Seeks SSD Supplement To Support Family

by Latasha Giles
( San Antonio, Texas, USA)

My name is Latasha, but everyone calls me Tasha. I am a 42-year-old single mother of two lovely daughters.

My first daughter is 15 years old, and my second daughter is three years old. My kids do not have a lot of supportive family members in their life. Sometimes it is hard for me being their main support.

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Disability Issues

My disability started in my twenties due to losing jobs and living in tough neighborhoods in Tennessee. When I was 26, I developed schizophrenia, depression and anxiety. I became mentally confused and had really bad nerves.

I also have a condition where I have to go to the chiropractor for back adjustments due to car accidents that happened in Mississippi where I am originally from.

Due to my hardships that led to me being disabled these factors caused me to be admitted in a few hospitals.

I also see a psychologist every three months and take two medications on a daily basis due to my disability.

Financial Hardship

I am currently on Disability and I receive less than $800 a month. My three-year-old child receives child support of $223 a month and my 15-year-old does not receive child support and never has.

It's not her fault, but her father who is deceased never tried to prove that he was the father so my daughter can't even receive a benefits check.

I currently pay rent and we are not currently homeless, but in the past we struggled to find a decent place to stay.

Luckily we now live in a big city and state, which cuts down on having to worry about a car expense; however, there are still bus passes, which cost $35 for full fare. Since I receive Medicare I get mine reduced, but I have to pay full fare for my 15-year-old.

I also need extra money for my credit cards. I have stopped spending and now I am focused on paying back.

Income Efforts

I don't work right now. I have been to schools such as Kaplan College and I majored in dental assisting. I am not good with chair side, but I would enjoy working in an office setting.

I don't have a lot of family to depend on. They don't want to hear negative stories. I have a few friends that have helped my daughter and myself in the past from being homeless.

Specific Needs

I am looking for any additional funds besides Social Security and SSI. I am thankful for that but I need some additional funds that will not hurt my Disability.

I know it is not much but my Disability is dependable. I know when I will receive it every month. It is hard to let it go, due to the fact that jobs can be very competitive and hard to keep.

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