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Determined Disabled Woman Writes That Giving Up Is Not An Option

by Carol L. Evenson
(Painesville, OH, USA)

Chatture is busy.

Chatture is busy.

By the time I told you everything that is wrong with me physically, I would have defeated my purpose of Not Giving Up. Since I wish to continue on positively, I will not become depressed before I begin.

I have written a children's book, especially for children who are just learning how to read (Chatture's Rainbow). My goal is to get it published.

The book contains a collection of short stories with repetitive words and phrases. Most of the stories are upbeat and many children who read them can identify with some of the content in the stories.

I have also been making polymer clay jewelry. I originally design all of my pieces. No one design is ever repeated.

I also have a thriller in mind to write (Under the Red Hat). But, of course, I need funds to do some research.

I am hopeful to be able to find a local publisher for the children's book, and local help with the jewelry making and marketing as well.

And, I also make pine cone wreaths, and do scrapbooking.

So, I am not idle. It would be very easy for me to just give up and not bother.

But that is not for me. Giving Up Is Not An Option.

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