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Determined MS Disabled Woman Seeks Grant Money For Bioness L300

by Michelle Jeffrey
(Roseville, MI, USA)

When we are young we have dreams of what we will be and what we will do with our lives. I was just about to do my student teaching with first graders.

I was extremely excited to be in the final phase of my degree and starting my career. Then it happened...

We had a few weeks before school was to start. I discovered that I couldn't see completely out of one eye. After having to go to a number of different doctors it was a diagnosis of MS. I was numb from the neck down.

What was I going to do? How was I going to finish my degree?

I was able to get through that obstacle and felt like I had conquered the MS diagnosis. Years had passed. BUT...that's not where it ends.

After having been a teacher in a private school, and as a substitute, I found myself with a problem in my ankle. I had to have surgery to repair a torn ligament.

After the surgery and physical therapy I thought again I had conquered the obstacle, trying to remain positive.


Foot drop hit. The inability to get the foot to move became the problem. Fatigue, cognitive problems, and the inability to easily care for my young son, husband and home became the bigger obstacle.

Now I battle with handling everyday responsibilities. Things take me two to three, sometimes four times as long as it used to when I was able to move more "normally".

I have been tested on the Bioness L300. It WORKS!

The finances are needed to be raised since I have been unable to work. My husband works but that takes care of most, but not all of the everyday needs of our home.

I need help! The Bioness L300 would provide more freedom and decrease the fatigue that I experience on a daily basis.

Any help is greatly appreciated. My hope and prayer is to help others in this position too. This is not easy to deal with but together we can make it through.

If I can't get over the mountain I will find a way around it. That is what we need to do ... find ways around the obstacles in life ... which many of us do on a daily basis with MS, foot drop, and many other illnesses. Thank you!

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Aug 09, 2018
Bioness Unit help
by: Mary Adragna

Bioness offers hardship help so talk to your rep. Also, contact MS Foundation and MS Society in your area for grant help. Bioness should be able to give you other grant leads.
Good luck and God Bless!!

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