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Diabetes Anxiety And Mentally Disabled Mom Burdened By Unpayable Debt

by Sarah
(Chicopee, MA, USA)

I'm a 40-year-old woman married to a nice guy Carl. I have three kids of my own and three step kids.

I work part time. Hubby wants me to work more hours. I have anxiety over that.

I suffer from a mental disability, diabetes, depression anxiety, kidney stones and obesity. I have a hard time with exercise. I've been in a special education classes.

I owe back taxes of $20,000. I owe a school loan of $10,000, credit cards $10,000 and car loan $10,000. I don't see how I'll pay it all off.

We have one car and it's broken. My husband has me go on the bus. I have anxiety over that too. I'm mildly retarded with an IQ of 68.

I work part time and I make $168 a week. I work doing drug testing on girls Monday through Friday at three hours a day.

I took my ex-husband's annuity and opened it up after the divorce and thought I would not have to pay taxes on it, but that wasn't the case. I did it to survive since I couldn't work or didn't work.

Now six years later, the whole divorce has given me grief. Although I'm remarried, things seem tougher these days.

My husband pays child support of $789 a month for three kids and still sees them. The kids give me anxiety too.

I go to church and I have a love for life, which would be greater if I could erase my debt responsibility.

I need SSI, SSDI and grants and benefits that I don't have to pay back. I could benefit from IRS credit counseling.

Car loans would help, so would cash and food stamps. I would like to end up owing nothing, but I know that would be hard.

I would like to avoid bankruptcy, which is a real possibility in 2013.

I dream of someday opening up a sugar-free bakery, offering pies and cakes.

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