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Diabetes Disabled 51 Year Old Woman Seeks Grant For Accessible Bathtub

by Maureen Ivans
(Wauwatosa, WI, USA)

I am a 51-year-old woman who has suffered from Type 1 diabetes since 1968 when I was diagnosed with it at age nine.

Over the years I have had MANY complications from it… eyes, heart, thyroid, and limbs. I have much nerve damage and blood flow problems to my legs.

I am in a wheelchair, due to Charcot foot, poor circulation, sores, infections and cellulitis on my feet, and osteomyelitis (infection in the heal bone).

My hands are splinted and I have had steroid injections for pain in my shoulders. My range of motion is not very good.

I am on 14 prescribed drugs daily plus an insulin pump. I have had surgeries on both eyes due to diabetic retinopathy, and have had triple bypass and 3-4 stents placed in my heart.

I am currently receiving a small stipend monthly from Social Security, but my husband is the sole supporter for us.

I am hoping to obtain a grant, so that I may have an accessible bathtub. I would use the money for a walk-in tub. It would be so wonderful to be able to bathe without assistance, as I could bathe during the day while my husband was at work.

I had the opportunity to recently use a friend's bathtub, and I was able to get in and out by myself. It had been YEARS since I was able to know the luxury of a bath, rather than a shower on a stool.

The water-circulating air jets in the accessible tub helped ease my aches and pains greatly, not to mention the color and circulation of my feet and legs was much improved!

Please, please help. I am trying very hard to hang on to all of my limbs, and fear amputation. Thank you.

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Nov 13, 2015
Prayer for you
by: Anonymous

I, too, have a very indigent Mom who can benefit from this type of need.
I'll be praying it is going well for you!
Best of all, hope to live free!

Jul 18, 2011
Please grant this request!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing your story. Your strength and courage show you are truly deserving of this request.

Mar 08, 2010
We need a YES!
by: Anonymous

Maureen's health costs must be extreme, not to mention the daily challenges she has faced for decades as she strives to live as normal of a life as possible.

Her willingness, courage and determination to deal with her challenges and responsibilities is inspiring to me, and others I'm sure.

We need to say YES to her request. She is deserving and her "rise above it" attitude that warrants being rewarded. She is a model for many.

Maureen is asking for help, not just for immediate benefit, but for heading off future complications wrought by this disease.

She has heard many "no's" and "more bad news" since she was 9 years old. Let's give her a way to hear yes, your wish is granted.

Mar 01, 2010
Please Grant this Woman a Tub!
by: Kathy

I was deeply moved by the comments of Ms. Ivans articulating all the physical struggles she has endured since childhood. An accessible bathtub would be so well-deserved and appropriate to help with her many physical challenges. The small slice of independence - for her to be able to enjoy a bath - a luxury for her, but something the rest of us take for granted. - would be so well-deserved.

I heard NO complaining in Ms. Ivans' testimonial, only facts. She is undoubtedly a woman of great faith and optimism. Please help Ms. Ivans find a grant for an accessible bathtub! Thank you.

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