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Diabetes Disabled Army Veteran Needs Help With Her Rent And Electricity

by Elaine
(Martinsburg, WV, USA)

I'm a 52-year-old diabetes disabled, honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Army.

I'm a divorced mother and grandmother with a son and daughter and two grandsons.

I come from a large family of four brothers and sisters. My mother and father are deceased.

My disability is Type 2 diabetes, severe neuropathy in legs, arthritis in both knees and ankles, high blood pressure, poor circulation in legs and lymphedema.

I have had diabetes for eight years. I have had neuropathy for four years and now it has turned into severe neuropathy within the last two months.

I am taking therapy for the neuropathy but that only helps for a few hours. I am unable to work and am awaiting a hearing for social security disability.

I am having trouble paying bills such as rent and electricity and getting enough groceries. I do get food stamps but very little.

I go to the VA Center to go to the doctor and get prescriptions for free. I use public transportation because I don't drive and have no car.

I get help with donations from non-profit agencies but I have exhausted all the ones I can use because I have signed up for Social Security in February 2011.

I am getting $400 for unemployment only because the state of West Virginia says I can do light work. But no employers I've approached want to hire me once they find out I can't stand or sit for long periods.

I am looking for money to pay a portion of my rent which is $735. Also I need help with my electric bill, which averages $140 a month. Any amount would greatly be appreciated.

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