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Diabetes Disabled Bill Seeks Government Grant For Woodworking Business

by William R. Fidler, Sr.
(Reading, PA, USA)

My name is William (Bill). I am 58 years old and on SSI Disability. I have been a physical laborer for most of my life: delivery jobs, moving, roofing, truck driver, etc.

Now I am diabetic, have three degenerated discs in my lower back (L4, L5, S1), a duodenal ulcer, bad knees (eventual knee replacements), high cholesterol and moderate hearing loss.

Since having been put on SSI, and essentially being written off most every employer's job list, I have spent the first three of the current eight years that I have been out of work, sitting around afraid of doing anything that might kill me (literally).

I was told I could NOT bend, stoop, kneel, pick up more than 10 pounds, etc. So, I basically gave up for a time...

Then one day, I awoke thinking, IF it is God's Will that I die, I will do it outside, doing something, NOT sitting in the house wasting away. (Depression was a HUGE part of my life also.)

I had always liked drawing, art, sketching, etc. While still working, I had purchased a small sandblasting / glass etching unit, that I played with for years.

I made a few bucks with friends who wanted something unique for a present, birthday, etc. I did mugs, mirrors, glass, wood, and so on.

I am now dreaming that since no one will HIRE me any more I can somehow find a way to be able to purchase new equipment like this.

I could possibly start a small business for myself at home, which would allow me to get a bit of RESPECT back into my life.

It would allow to get off Public Government Assistance programs, and start to feel like a "HUMAN BEING" again, worth something to myself and others.

The only help I would need is to be able to afford buying the equipment I need to start this process.

I have done it before, and am secure in my ability to continue on a larger scale, once the proper equipment was available to facilitate that.

FINANCES are what hold back MANY people with valid dreams. Second chances do not come often to people like me.

ANY help in making this dream come true, and getting me OFF these government programs and back to a productive life, where I could again contribute to and PAY my own expenses again, would be EXTREMELY APPRECIATED and welcomed.

I am one person who would LIKE to go back to WORK!!! Thank You. William R. Fidler. Reading, Pennsylvania.

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