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Diabetes Disabled Man With Bipolar Disabled Wife Seek To Better Family Life

by Payton
(Bardstown, Kentucky, USA)

I'm 41 years old. I have three kids and a grandbaby. My wife is bipolar.

We struggle to stay above water. Our rent is $600 a month, not counting water and lights.

My wife has a part-time job. She pays insurance on our vehicle and the little things we need to keep the house clean.

Our kids that are in school play sports. We have a hard time getting their equipment, supplies and whatever else they need.

They are the last ones but we explain that's what has to happen. Our kids do deserve more than we can give, but our lifestyle is what it is.

I take six shots of insulin a day, not counting all the meds I take by mouth.

I have real bad swelling in my legs, and I have lower back pain.

I fall asleep while talking to people and I get upset with the situation with my family.

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