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Diabetes Disabled Woman Seeks Grants For Medical Shoes And Home Repairs

by Denise Floyd
(Syracuse, NY, US)

I am 53 years old and married with one child who is now 35. I'm disabled with diabetes and sarcoidosis.

I do not have any military service; however, my husband had been in the military for 12 years before I married him and is out of the military now.

I am writing for help for financial and medical help as a last resort. I have an advocate who suggested this as she and I have exhausted all resources that could maybe help me.

The monies or help we have obtained is not enough to cover my necessary expenses, therefore, I am writing this story.

I am disabled due to diabetes (since 1993) and I have sarcoidosis (since 2006) in my lungs, which is exacerbated by lack of treatment as I lack funds for my co-pays.

My Remicade (medicine) costs $3,000 every eight weeks and my portion is 20 percent equaling approximately $600 every eight weeks.

I have not had any treatment since September of 2011. It is now June 2012 at this writing. I need assistance to enable me to progress in my treatment of sarcoidosis.

I need shoes as a medical necessity and my insurance only pays for one pair of shoes a year and inserts twice a year. I need at least two pairs of shoes per year.

I need very expensive shoes due to nine surgeries on my left foot and one on my right foot as I have diabetes, I lost a toe and some of the bone on my left foot.

Also, I have been diagnosed with an infection in the bone in my left foot. I was prepared to get it amputated per the doctors' orders. Then the doctors decided to try heavy antibiotics and other medicines to try to heal it without amputation.

These medicines may not help over the long term, and I have neuropathy in my feet and retinopathy in eyes.

I have had cataract surgery and I need to go to eye doctors again. I cannot afford eye doctor appointments.

I do not have dental insurance and I owe about $700 for a partial plate to pay the dentist at this time.

The diabetes was diagnosed in 1993 and developed to the point where I now take insulin. I am on SSDI and permanently disabled and out of work for five years.

I do not have enough money each month to pay for medical needs and personal needs. I need money every eight weeks to pay copays for Remicade treatment for sarcoidosis.

I need to continue treatment throughout my lifetime for my lungs. There is no known cure for sarcoidosis.

I am currently on a low dose of prednisone to enhance my breathing until I can continue my treatment of Remicade.

The prednisone will increase liver damage and increase high numbers for diabetes. Therefore, I cannot be on prednisone for a long time.

I am in debt approximately $32,000 for hospitalizations and medical procedures etc, at this point.

We own a 13-year-old V8 vehicle with over 250,000 miles and it's on its last legs.

I need a reliable vehicle as I cannot walk well and need assistance with getting to and from appointments at various times in my treatment.

I could use help with the light bills and mortgage although I do receive help it is not enough to pay all heat and electric.

I need a new furnace, and my hot water heater serviced or replaced.

Also I need help with mortgage payments which are $581 per month.

My husband is very supportive and just started a part-time job; however he has been disabled with COPD. He has a cracked bone in his back and other disabilities for approximately nine years.

If we could receive help it would be greatly appreciated.

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