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Diabetic Ex Con With Fused Hip Seeks Help To Buy Car And Pay Bills

by Fabien Cofield
(McDonough, Georgia, USA)

I am a 55-year-old black male from McDonough, Georgia. I need help very bad. In 1979 I was tried and convicted and then served 31 years in prison. I was released June 27, 2010.

This put me so behind on everything and because of my present situation I'm forced to live at home with my 74-year-old mother who is suffering because of MY money problems

Disability Issues

I have a fused left hip from an injury in1975. After years of pain and suffering, my right hip was replaced. The replacement will last about 12 years and then I'll need another.

When I was released from prison, I filled out my paperwork to receive a Disability check. In September of that same year I was granted Disability status.

In 2011 I had a heart attack, which has made my health go down even further.

About eight months later, after being dehydrated for a week, I was rushed to the hospital and was told that I was now a diabetic.

The only thing that I have going for me is that I have been able to stay as positive as possible.

Financial Hardship

One of the first things I tried to do was to get my Disability check increased, but it was explained to me that unless I moved out on my own there was nothing they could do.

I also tried to get my food stamps raised after the heart attack and the diabetic episode, because at that point my whole diet had to change and trying any type of diet of that nature is costly.

So after trying banks and loan companies for money all saying the same thing I didn't make enough to secure a loan of any type.

I started using credit cards and now I'm in about $6000 worth of debt and see no way out. I need a car, computer, clothes and most of all finances.

Income Efforts

As I have stated I got the SSDI.

My family would help if they had anything.

I'm receiving $189 a month in food stamps.

After serving 31 years in prison I have had to start over at everything. Because of my disabilities, the only type of work I could do is sedentary. That takes skills and I can barely turn on a computer.

Specific Needs

What I need specifically for me that I feel will work is a personal needs grant that would help me get a car or van, a computer and clothes.

If I could get that help and also pay off my debts I would be able to live comfortably on my Disability check.

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