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Diabetic James Seeks Grant Advice For Accessible Home Modifications

by James Davis Jr
(Philadelphia, PA, USA)

I am a 49-year-old man I am married to my wife for 21 years. We have no children.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Management of Information Systems. I worked for 25 years for a major communications company in various technological roles.

I enjoyed attending and working with my church parish where I had the privilege of setting up the church office and maintaining its technological functionality.

Disability Issues

When I was hired, I found out that I was a diabetic. After a number of years, my eyesight was lost in my right eye due to diabetes.

Unfortunately, I suffered from foot ulcers and lost my great toe on my left foot.

Later, my kidney function stopped as well. Luckily, I received a kidney transplant from my mother.

Several diabetic episodes caused congestive heart failures and a need to lose weight urgently. I then had weight reduction surgery.

While in the hospital, I contracted a bone infection that led to an amputation right below the knee.

Financial Hardship

Before I left work, my wife and I bought a home and she started a college career. We took out student loans to cover the college costs.

When my health declined, I was put on long-term disability, which cut my salary in half.

Then due to an oversight by the insurance company responsible for my benefits, my salary was diminished even further and I incurred an additional debt to them for an overpayment in salary.

We defaulted on the school loans, resulting in a garnishment of my wife's pay, and a severe reduction of both of our credit scores.

We tried to keep up with all of our bills using our savings, but we depleted the savings quickly while paying my medical bills and finding disability support.

Income Efforts

My salary was cut significantly due to my disability. I was limited by the conditions of my company's long-term disability plan from getting another job.

My wife's salary is stagnant and constantly threatened by possible downsizing. She could not take any time away from directing and administering medical care for me due to the complexity and severity of my injuries.

I managed to get Social Security assistance, but while I continue to recover, it is difficult to get extra work. I am exploring work from home opportunities now.

Specific Needs

We are seeking grants and financial advice to make home modifications that will allow me to access upstairs and use a bathroom in a wheelchair.

Presently, I am living on the first floor of our home on a rented bed and bathing from the kitchen sink. Due to my wheelchair confinement, bathing and self hygiene are difficult at best.

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