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Diabetic Single Mom Seeks Disability Grant For Home And Medical Costs

by Emily Hall
(Hamilton, Mississippi, USA)

I'm a 37-year-old diabetic woman currently living in Hamilton, Mississippi. I am African American and a single mom.

I have three daughters: a 22-year-old, a 20-year-old and a 13-year-old that has had major brain surgery and has a hard time remembering things.

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Disability Issues

I've been diagnosed with diabetes, for which I take five different prescribed medications a day.

I have difficulty walking and driving for a long period of time. I suffer foot pain and my vision has got worse due to my diabetes.

I also have sleep apnea. I sleep on a CPAP machine.

Financial Hardship

I receive Social Security Disability, which pays $1,210 a month. SSD allows me NO work opportunities due to my illnesses.

I'm struggling with housing, bills and money issues. I'm living in a mobile home that needs LOTS of work.

I live on family property, which is becoming very difficult. I am not able to send me kids through college.

Income Efforts

Thank God my Medicare pays for my basic prescriptions and diabetic supplies. But my Medicare only covers 80 percent and that's a big problem. I do not have close to the payments they want to charge me for my visits.

I have tried assistance for housing, but was told I received too much a month for assistance. I receive food stamps at $131 a month, which doesn't last from one month to the other.

I have tried to do things to earn extra money but due to my disabilities I'm not able.

I have contacted the Social Security office to see could I do some type of type of work while being on SSD but I was told I couldn't.

I have reached out to family members that I receive help from when they have extra money, which is not all the time.

Churches in my area are very small and are not able to help very much.

Specific Needs

I do not know much about grants but I need help. It's hard to make it on SSD alone, while being a single parent.

I would like grants for:
- dental work
- housing programs
- single parent programs
- vision assistance
- full coverage doctor visit programs

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Jan 02, 2014
Where's the BACON in HAMilton
by: Ken

Hi Emily,

Things are tough all over. I know myself, when my three kids were 18, I had to ask them to get a job to pay for their own schooling. If they didn't, then it was tough love. If they didn't do that, then the free ride was over, and had to leave, but were welcome back at any time they could live by the rules I could afford. That's it. Do you get any SSD for your injured 13 year old? Hopefully! Also Emily, look into your state HUD programs, you may find help to fix the mobile you live in.

All the best,

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