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Disability Benefits For Parkinsons Disabled Husband To Get Debt Relief Help

by Andre Desmarais
(Pembroke Pines, Florida, USA)

Many years ago, I met a young lady of 23 years of age. She came to South Florida for a two-week vacation and soon after her arrival I met her on a blind date.

We dated for two years before getting married. During this time I learned that she had been abused sexually from the age of three.

She was 16 by the time she found the courage to get the help she thought never existed throughout her ordeal.

Her school suffered and so much. Every night she dreaded going to sleep for she knew that her father would be coming for his sick need.

We got married and love was great but the medical bills started to grow.

She constantly needed a counselor, a neurologist and her family doctor, for constipation and depression.

Lab tests always came back good so doctors did not know what to think.

Thank God we had a house increasing in value, which allowed us to get a second mortgage for refinancing, which included the credit card.

I was getting some good bonuses at the time, which helped pay the bills. But for many years past and up to the present I have been in the red in regard to money.

We always made by it by refinancing the mortgage to include all the credit card balances. It worked while the economy was booming. By 2001, we started having real problems financially.

The market took a dive and my investments plummeted, including my 401K, my IRA and my house, which was my main investment.

By then I was unable to pay most of the maxed out credit card bills without refinancing. Hospital bills, medicines, and doctor bill kept on coming.

My wife never kept a job because of what happened in her past, according to doctors.

The final straw came when I found out that I had Parkinson's disease. Throughout the years, the disease worsened until the company I had worked at for 40 years let me go and told me to apply for social security disability.

I did and I have been approved for $1764 a month. I will also be getting about $1000 from a long-term disability insurance for the next five years.

I had to sell my house because I could not make the payment. Stating next month I will be getting about $700 less in income than I have in expenses even after I trim the expenses to the max. I need your help.

Thank you for listening and for any financial aid for debt relief you can point us to.

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Apr 01, 2013
Where to look for help
by: Don from Ability-Mission.org

Hello André,

The first thing you need to do is find out what benefits you are actually eligible for. Such benefits can help pay for things you are currently paying for. The money you save on that can go toward the things you want, like debt relief.

Please go to this page for step by step instructions on how to get started with the federal government website that helps you find benefits you are entitled to:


Few people are aware of this, so you could be quite surprised at what you uncover.

Let us know what you find, okay?

All the best!
Don from Ability-Mission.org

Jul 20, 2010
by: Cynthia


This is smart and doesn't require any further addition. It's perfect from my point of view.


Jun 09, 2010
Seeking Debt Collection Tips
by: Joyce Tolbert

Concerning your medical bills - this helped me out a lot at one time. All you can do is call write or both and ask. Their worst answer is no and I also got a lot of those. I also sought the aid of a social worker. Contact all the hospitals labs doctors etc. to whom you owe especially the ones you have been sending whatever payments you could afford. Ask them if they could possibly write off some of what you owe or even all of it. Go for the most you can. You will a lot of times get more than if you asked for the minimal amount. Remind them that you have been paying "x" amount for "x" amount of time or a total of what you have paid them as you could.

Be honest stay cool and just tell them your medical bills have been and still are astronomical but you can only pay a little at a time and that you're not trying to cheat them of their money. Don't offer to pay less or more than your STATE LEGALLY ALLOWS. That way you won't over-extend yourself and you can always send an additional amount. In my venture I have had a lot of doctors who at the end of the year if I've been sending a payment for at least six months have written off the rest of my bill because I showed a good intent to pay the bill.

My state requires only $5 a month. I usually try to send $10 if they are trying to work with me and I've been able to pay off some others.

All of the bill collectors have told me that even $20 a month is not enough; and if they are rude I remind them that I legally owe them only $5. I tell them I'm sending the most I can afford and that's the best I can do. And that's what I do. Of course they keep calling but I remind them that I'm paying what I can afford -- that way they cannot turn you in for trying to beat them or their client out of their money by refusing to pay anything. Of course they don't want anyone to know this fact and don't inform them of your knowledge. However do NOT let bill collectors intimidate you. That's what they like to see happen. Just be firm and kindly tell them that's your best and you will send more as you can afford it. To me hospitals have written off the most as most of them have an indigent-care policy.

Hope this helps. Of course my biggest help has come by placing the whole thing in HIS hands and not telling HIM how I want it done.

Have a good day. There is hope - it just takes a lot of time and a little effort.

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