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Disability Benefits To Help Accident Disabled Father Pay Medical Bills

by David Lewis
(Taunton, MA, USA)

My name is David Lewis. I am a 39-year-old father of four children: three girls and one boy.

I currently live in southeast Massachusetts in the city of Taunton. I have lived here about three and a half years. I have lived in Massachusetts most my life. I did live in Montana for three years and Arizona for a short time but this is home.

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Disability Issues

In 2003 I was in a motor vehicle accident. A speeding drunk driver struck me and caused nerve damage in my legs, lower back and neck.

I have worked off and on since the accident but can't hold a job as a result of my injuries.

Then two years ago I was hospitalized for severe dehydration. My kidneys were shutting down. I wasn't recovering well from that so I had many tests done.

I was diagnosed with a myopathy and a rare form of muscular dystrophy. It has become a daily battle

Financial Hardship

I receive a monthly social security disability check for about $800. It just doesn't cover my monthly costs beyond rent and car insurance.

I don't qualify for help with food or utilities. I'm told my monthly income is too high. Food shopping is near impossible.

My wife works full time and her income covers the car payments.

It has become increasingly difficult in the past year to pay our monthly bills and survive. A lot of our bills were from before my new diagnoses.

Things have become so bad that the stress of life's expectations has been too much for anyone to bear.

Income Efforts

Before my hospitalization and my health problems I did work. That job is what put me in the hospital because of my condition.

Since then I have applied for SNAP benefits, fuel assistance, and housing, but I am told I don't qualify for any of it.

I started driving for a company but it is a 12-hour shift and I can't sit in the car that long.

I tried an online data entry job. I sent them a small amount of money and I was scammed.

My family and friends have helped some but they have there own bills and money problems so they are limited with the amount and frequency of helping me.

Specific Needs

I have looked online researching grants and benefits I may qualify for, to help pay my bills car, food, electric.

I don't know what grants would be available in my circumstance but help or advice in this area would be welcome.

I basically need some cash assistance to help pay bills.

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Dec 29, 2013
Troubled in Taunton
by: Ken

Hi David,

This economy really sucks, especially for people who have lost their jobs that are over 40. I happen to be over that age. I am disabled as well. I found a couple of legitimate mystery shopper companies. Here they are; just Google them.


You don't make much on them, but you get free haircuts, meals and cash. Some weeks I will do about 6 shops at about $20 a shop. (They take up to a half hour, but many are 10 minutes.)

You won't get rich, but having said that, after a while, you can get sophisticated shops that can pay you up to $1000, but those usually involve travel. If I can think of anything else, I will return.

Hang in there!

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