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Disability Benefits To Help Accident Disabled Husband And Epileptic Wife

by Emmett Neeley
(Cave City, Arkansas, USA)

I'm a 41-year-old guy married to my wife Angel for six years now. Angel has had epilepsy since the age of 14.

We live next door to her parents and sister. My mother and brother live in town.

My father passed on about five years ago. My wife's son passed away when he was 7-1/2 months old so it's been really difficult on us.

My wife is helping me write this story.

Disability Issues

I had a bad car accident in 2005. They bandaged me and stapled my head up. My truck was destroyed.

Ever since that's happened I've had a lot of problems physically, emotionally and mentally. I have told my wife and mother that I wish the accident had killed me because of all the pain I have to endure now.

I get really bad headaches 3-4 times daily. I have high blood pressure now. I can only lift up to 25 pounds. I cannot read or spell that good. I have to have help counting money.

My feet and legs swell up really bad if I'm on them longer than 20 minutes at the most. My knees feel like they're gonna give out on me at times.

I have really bad acid reflux.

I can't do the things I used to do since the accident. I used to work on my vehicles but now we have to have it done somewhere else.

I've been told I have sleep apnea. My wife told me I have a hard time breathing at night. My heart skips a beat then it's like I stop breathing.

A lawyer told me this after I described it to her, because her father has it. I get these pains in my hands at times where it feels they're stiff.

Financial Hardship

My wife Angel is the only one with any income. She receives SSI. After she pays all the bills, there is no money left over.

Right now we have less than 20% in our propane tank and we use propane to heat and cook our home with. It's going to cost us $225 and we don't have that.

I have worked in the past but they tell me I'm too slow or not fast enough.

Because I don't have any Medicaid or any other kind of health insurance, I can't see an actual doctor. So I go to this Christian clinic and they help me with my needs when I'm sick.

That's where I get the medications that I must have. I owe them money too but I haven't been able to pay them because I don't have the resources to pay them back.

We have a van but at times we have to borrow money from our family to get gas so my wife and I can go to our appointments.

We receive food stamps but when that's gone we have to borrow from our family or churches.

There are things that have to be done to our home but we haven't got the funds to repair them so we have to wait.

I can't buy clothes for my wife or me because we can't afford them.

It's so hard on my wife because she has to take care of all the bills and she has no money to buy things just for herself.

I have to pay child support but I haven't been able to because I don't have the money. They have it on hold due to my filing for disability.

Income Efforts

The last time I was able to work was in 2009. I have to be close to home and watch over my wife due to her epilepsy.

My wife receives SSI. I am trying for my SSI but they denied me.

We have gotten help from churches to buy food.

Our family helps out when they can, giving us food or gas money and help to buy medicine. We owe them for helping us but there's no way we can pay them back.

Specific Needs

I am trying to get SSI or some kind of benefit or grant to help us so my wife doesn't have to do it all.

We've met with a lawyer for SSI but I don't know since I have been denied three times. The appeal will go to Federal Court this time. So it's very difficult. We just need some help.

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Feb 09, 2013
by: emmett and angel

Thanks so much Kim and Ken for your support. We need it so much. God bless you both.

Feb 05, 2013
Caved in Arkansas
by: Ken

Hi Emmet,

Good luck with all your hunting; here is a site that may be able to do a task for you:


I hope this might be of help for you.
Take care,

Feb 04, 2013
This might help
by: Kim Hubbard

Emmett, there is some funding available that many people might not be aware of and the place to start looking is:


They will guide you through a series of easy questions to see what all you might qualify for and then tell you how to get in touch with that agency. God bless you as you continue your efforts!

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