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Disability Benefits To Help Alzheimers Disabled Woman With Transportation

by Shirley Devoe
(Barrie, Ontario, Canada)

I'm 71 years old. I had no kids, and my husband passed away quite a while ago. He was in the military. I never remarried.

I lived with my parents. I went to work at 14 years old to help them! I helped a pregnant woman whose family disowned her because of this.

I worked for years and never stopped. I lived in Toronto and worked for almost for 30 years in different factories.

Disability Issues

My disability issue is that I have Alzheimer's. My condition is getting worse and worse. My blood pressure is also high.

Financial Hardship

At the moment I need anything I can get because of money issues, for my bills, transport, and to join the Alzheimer's program, in the hope it will help.

But, I have to pay for this program. Transportation is also a problem. I know soon I will need some type of help like a scooter and a cane to help control my walking.

Income Efforts

Since I got Alzheimer's, I can't work. And I'm trying really hard to get help!

Specific Needs

I would appreciate any type of help or grants that could help me.

I was really hoping to join the Alzheimer's program, which I can't do at the moment.

I'm also hoping to get money for transportation.

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