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Disability Benefits To Help MS Disabled Man With Home Down Payment

by David Schultz
(Natrona Heights, PA, USA)

My name is David Schultz. I am 49 years old and live with my wife, Kim, who is 47. We currently live in a "senior high rise."

The building is wheelchair accessible, but not the apartments themselves. The apartment is very small, and not accommodating to my needs.

I would like more than anything to have a small home and yard of my own.

I had to sell my previous house because it was too large, and I could not get to the second floor.

Disability Issues

I have multiple sclerosis. I was diagnosed 20 years ago, and started showing symptoms approximately 22 years ago.

I continued to work as a meat cutter for five years without telling my employer or coworkers about my illness because I didn't want to be treated differently.

I finally had to quit due to the fact that I could no longer walk, or see properly.

I also have degenerative disc disease and severe arthritis, and I am legally blind.

I am not able to get around my apartment freely because the apartment is not wheelchair accessible.

Financial Hardship

I am currently on SSDI and receive $1133 a month.

I don't have the money to put a down payment or to pay the closing costs to purchase a home.

I have no outstanding credit card or any other bills.

I do not own a vehicle due to the fact that I cannot drive.

I am fortunate in the fact that I do not have to pay co-pays, but I recently discovered that I need hearing aids, and my insurance would only pay for one. I am currently unable to afford the other hearing aid.

Income Efforts

The only income I receive is from SSDI.

I am unable to work due to my MS. I am legally blind, and I have very poor hand-eye coordination.

I have no trunk support, so I am unable to sit up without some type of support.

This is the first time I am applying for a grant, and I do not know how to go about asking for donations.

Specific Needs

I am seeking help with the down payment and closing costs in order to purchase a home that would be more accommodating as to where I now live.

The rooms are extremely small, the counters and cabinets are not wheelchair height and I have a porch that I cannot get onto.

I also do not have a walk-in shower. We requested one, and they did a "cut-out," which I am unable to use due to the fact that I cannot stand up or lift my leg.

I am asking for some help and a break so that I might be able to live a little more comfortably.

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Mar 30, 2013
by: Kim Schultz

I did go to that page you recommended and filled out the form. Thank you for your help.

Mar 30, 2013
Where to look first
by: Don from Accessible.org

Hi David,

I have good friends with MS so I have some notion of what you're dealing with, but of course it would never be the same as experiencing it firsthand as you do.

The first thing you need to do is find out what benefits you are actually eligible for. Such benefits can help pay for things you are currently paying for. The money you save on that can go toward a down payment.

Please go to this page for step by step instructions on how to get started with the federal government website that helps you find benefits you are entitled to:


Few people are aware of this, so you could be quite surprised at what you uncover.

Let us know what you find, okay?

All the best!
Don from Accessible.org

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