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Disability Grant And Bill Paying Info Sought By Accident Disabled Paraplegic

by Ron Struthers
(Pollock Pines, CA, USA)

I'm 45 years old, white, male and living with my mom. I am a very outgoing person and do a lot with family.

I live in Pollock Pines, California. This is my home. I was born here and love it very much. I have no children. I am single and looking to better my life.

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Disability Issues

Back in February 1989 I was in a motorcycle accident, which left me a paraplegic. I went through lots of therapy and lots of stress. To this day I still have problems: high blood pressure, infections, and medical problems.

I take five different meds a day just to make me feel good. I have my stuff at home to do therapy but sometimes it's hard because the family can't always help me, but we manage to make things work.

I have been able to drive my car. We had hand controllers put in so I have freedom to get out and be independent.

Financial Hardship

I am on Social Security and get $1,200 a month. A deductible of $700 a month for my medical leaves me with $500 to live on, which is next to impossible.

My wheelchair needs repairs, but I can't afford it with the cost of food and shelter and that is very frustrating. It makes life tough.

Income Efforts

I have signed up for low income housing but have had no replies.

I go to the food banks to help with the food.

I do work for friends and they help me out with some of my bills like cell phone and the power bill.

A grant would help me out on making it easier to live my live better.

Specific Needs

I would like all the info I can get on grants for: housing, medical and dental help and my therapy.

I'd like to know about any grants that could help me better my life and make my family feel better.

I'd like to feel that I'm able to take care of everything I need to take care of.

Business Idea

I would like to start my own business on building wheelchairs and helping people out with disabilities like mine. It's very hard out there for people to get what they need and I would like to make it easier.

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