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Disability Grant Benefits For Bipolar And Psoriatic Arthritis Disabled Woman

by Roxann
(St. Clair County, Illinois, USA)

I am a single 54-year-old woman living with my ex-husband until I can find financial assistance to purchase a mobile home.

I am unable to apply for loans due to low Social Security Benefits, and bad credit rating after the divorce.

I suffer intense pain from Psoriatic Arthritis with limited mobility most of the time.

My disabilities have affected my life with limited mobility, anxiety, panic attacks, learning disabilities and severe depression making it nearly impossible to live a normal, productive life.

I also suffer from being a Fragile X Carrier, which creates severe depression (Bipolar), panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, extremely low self esteem, cognitive abilities, with the strong possibility of developing FXTAS (tremors), and FXPOI (Menopause) at the age of 16.

In 2008 I returned to college to earn my AS degree in (MLT) Medical Lab Technology unsuccessfully. I received my Phlebotomy certificate, but could not finish the remaining classes to receive the degree. The Psoriatic Arthritis would literally cause my fingers to lock while trying to draw the specimen.

Another area of difficulty to finish the MLT program was Algebra. I would study for very long hours trying my best to comprehend the subject and could not process it. I’ve always had problems in this area, but I could not understand why it was so difficult for me.

In 2008 I was diagnosed as being a carrier of Fragile X. As I did more research on the Syndrome I found one of the areas it affects was cognitive skills.

My ex-husband is letting me stay at his house for now but his illness is becoming very difficult for me to stay.

I have not been able to find financial assistance resulting in my poor credit rating after the divorce, and very low Social Security Disability benefits.

He has on many occasions attempted to force me out of the house, resulting in me sitting at a friend's house or my car for a while until he has slept a few hours. I have nowhere else to live.

Even if I were hypothetically approved for a loan I do not believe I would be able to financially pay the monthly installments.

I am looking for some type of financial support/grant so I may purchase a mobile home. The lot rent within my area is low enough for me to afford while paying my utilities, food and medical co-pays.

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Nov 01, 2011
Section 8-Rural Development
by: Patricia

It really saddens me to read the problems that you are having. But I am sorry to say I am having they same problems as you within the same state and areas.

As for contacting Section 8 and Rural Development etc. for financial housing assistance has been a nightmare for me. I have been informed by several agencies that due to the low government funds or lack thereof (within the state you and I reside) it seems to be hopeless at the moment.

I have spoken to a tenant that lives within a low income senior apartment. She informed me of having to pay for any plumbing repairs (which is also stated within the lease). I thought that was considered normal wear and tear? Especially when the apartment has original plumbing built 18 years or older? Seems to be defeating the tenants reasoning for help? Especially when the apartment may have its original plumbing built 18 years or older?

Before you sign any lease please take the time to read it first very carefully and thoroughly to view what your responsibilities are as a tenant.

Please don't misunderstand nor let my statement discourage you from applying. It's a long process and will take time. We just have to keep trying and not give up hope.

Nov 01, 2011
Rent to own
by: Ken

Hi Roxann,

Copy and paste this address in your browser:


There is quite a bit of information there. Also look up rent to own trailers in Google. I saw lots of sites there. I don't really know what the qualifications are, but usually if you are on SSI, that might be all they need to know... you have an income. Be 100% honest with them, and if they can't help you, they may be of some assistance on where you can get housing.

Try this one too:


It is the housing authority for low income assistance.

Good luck,

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