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Disability Grant For Accident Disabled Louis To Make Home Repairs

by Louis Leurquin
(Suamico, Wisconsin, USA)

I am a 56-year-old male who loves to work with his hands. I've been married for 36½ years. We have three adult children. They are married and two have children giving us six grandchildren.

Our son and his family live with us, making it a total of seven that live in our little three-bedroom house.

I enjoy campfires in the backyard, making chicken booyah, grilling and sharing it all with friends and family.

Disability Issues

In 1992 I had accident with a radial arm saw. I severed the index finger at the second knuckle and thumb just under the nail of my right hand.

They were able to reattach part of the finger but the joint was gone. So I lost small dexterity. I can still use my hand, but some things I can no longer do. So I do what I can.

I have had different jobs. My jobs required me to use my hands. Repetitious work and having to compensate over the years resulted in cysts that damaged the cartilage of my wrist.

I had to have surgery in 2011 where they found the damage to the wrist was extensive. In most places my wrist is bone on bone.

The only options to take me out of pain would mean I would lose mobility. I can now only use my right hand to assist my left. I am right-handed, so I am having trouble doing that.

I also have a learning disability, which limits my ability to read. I have trouble with running a rototiller for our vegetable garden.

Financial Hardship

Living on SSDI means that we are now living on less than half of what I used to make. We have tried to refinance our house but can't because we owe more on our house than what it is worth.

We tried to say hardship but they tell us that our payments are just under 40% of our income and that it should be fine. They don't figure in second mortgage or taxes and homeowner insurance.

We don't qualify for a HARP because our loan is not a Fannie Mae or a Freddie Mac.

We need to get health insurance for my wife but with barely enough to cover the bills now we just can't afford it.

We owe a large amount on a credit card that we used, along with a small IRA, to keep us going while we waited for SSDI to kick in.

Income Efforts

We did get SSDI but we had to get a lawyer and fight for it.

Between the loss of the use of my right hand and my learning disability, I am only allowed to do sedentary work. The list of full-time jobs I can do is just not there.

I have tried to look for work-at-home jobs, but finding one that doesn't cost you anything is almost impossible to find.

I have worked with some friends to get wood to sell but the income from that is very little and not consistent.

Specific Needs

In order to continue to do wood I need a reliable vehicle to pull my trailer. My home needs some repairs, like windows, to help it be more energy efficient.

I need a tiller attachment for my garden tractor so we can continue our garden.

Our son and his family live with us because of his disability so we need to expand our house.

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Mar 15, 2015
The workbook is next
by: Don from Ability-Mission.org


Be sure now to access the Workbook, which shows you how to make your story work for you.

Best regards,
Don Coggan

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