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Disability Grant For Assault Disabled Woman To Start Collectibles Business

by Melanie Everett
(Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

I am a single 50-year-old woman living with my two cats in Fort Worth Texas.

I have raised three fine upstanding sons who have all moved away due to the service to this country that they have chosen to uphold.

My oldest son is Army personnel and just had his first child. She is beautiful.

My middle son is of the Air Force personnel and has no children as of yet.

My youngest son is a jailer in the prison system and his daughter is expected the end of March, his first also.

If you cannot tell, my children are my world. And raising them myself was tough, but to this day they make me so very proud.

Disability Issues

My disability began with the unfortunate incident of my being assaulted on the job by one of the other waitresses that I worked with.

It happened one morning before the restaurant opened when this other person came up behind me, put me into a chokehold, and in four seconds I was out.

The next thing I remember is picking my glasses and myself up off the floor. I retreated to another room and immediately started crying endlessly. I just couldn't get myself together enough to stop.

Since that day my physical impairment in my back causes extreme anguish and I cannot get around as I used to.

I have mental impairments too. I am diagnosed as bipolar with post traumatic stress disorder. I now have voices in my head that for 47 years I had never had before.

My fear of day-to-day things has grown and I am on three different medications as of now.

Financial Hardship

Within a month of this event I was evicted from my apartment and became homeless. At the time I had only my one cat, Anubus, so that made us homeless.

I was denied medical help, and for almost two years I fought with the Workers Compensation people only to ultimately lose my case.

A couple of months after the incident I had no choice. Because of the voices, I turned to the Mental Health Mental Retardation folks for help.

That is where I got my diagnosis. My cat and I lived in my truck from June until November of 2010.

Being homeless is nothing I would want anyone to go through, but it did make it a little bit easier having a vehicle at that time.

Income Efforts

I did file for unemployment and was granted that. I also filed for food stamps, which I was also granted.

When I got the big lump sum you get on your unemployment at the beginning of your payments, I started looking for an apartment.

I also filed for my social security disability, which I finally was awarded after obtaining a lawyer.

Now that I am getting my disability, my food stamps have decreased by 90%.

I looked for work constantly. I figure that I was not getting any call backs because of maybe what my previous employer was saying about me. But that is purely speculation on my part.

Specific Needs

Although more intimate details of what has happened to me the last three years has brought most people to tears I do not seek your sympathy.

I would love a grant.

I had an idea several years ago of opening my own little shop and working for myself.

I am not too proud to accept whatever help the world sees fit to give me.

Now that only I know when my disability is going to make my day crash, I know I could only work for myself.

Business Idea

My little shop was going to be 'Coins and Collectibles'. I have been a coin collector since right after high school and even when I had to pull all my change together to feed my boys I still managed to hang onto the coins that I knew were valuable.

I also have a very large supply of antiques and one-of-a-kind items in my inventory that I have collected over the years. Most of these items are in pawn, as I needed money these last years.

I would need a large amount of cash to buy back my entire inventory, and to also replace some of the items I have lost.

I sat down several years ago and put all the information to paper, and I became excited about putting money back to do this adventure.

Since my assault this idea was not to be. I would sincerely love to be able to have this opportunity to open my own place and become a productive tax-paying individual again.

And the things that I would sell would not be outrageously priced so that even simple folks could afford my merchandise.

Just writing these few things about it has gotten me all exited about the prospect of it maybe being able to happen.

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