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Disability Grant For Barry With Multiple Disabilities Improve Daily Life

by Barry Robinson
(Hollister, Missouri, USA)

I would like to tell you about my family and myself. My name is Barry Robinson, and I was born in 1954.

I have been married to my beautiful wife Vicki for over 42 years. Vicki is 58 years old. We have two grown children, and three grandchildren. Both of our children live in other states.

My wife and I were raised in Florida and moved to Missouri about six years ago. We joined a southern Baptist church because of its strong focus on mission work and its literal interpretation of the Bible.

Disability Issues

My doctors disabled me at the age of 40, and my wife was put on disability at the age of 53. I had liver disease, congestive heart failure, COPD and lung disease.

My wife had rheumatoid arthritis and RSD.

As years went by, my health deteriorated more and more. I am battling a-fib, tachycardia, stage-three, non-alcoholic cirrhosis, congestive heart failure, blockages in my heart, and an enlarged spleen.

I had all of my teeth removed when I was in my 40s due to an extreme infection. My platelet count, WBC count and RBC count, are very low and have been for some time.

I sleep 14-16 hours per day. Just last week, my doctor called me after a visit and some blood work, to get to the hospital ASAP.

My blood sugar was 526.

I never before had been diagnosed with diabetes. I stayed in the hospital for two days.

My wife Vicki has battled rheumatoid arthritis for 25 years. She has been rated an eight out of 10 for severity, with 10 being the worst.

It is extremely hard for her to do much of anything. The pain she has Is severe. She is unable to buy her medicine to control it, due to the cost.

Vicki also battles RSD. She developed it after hand surgery, and had a spinal implant inserted in her back. She still suffers a lot of pain, even with her implant.

We have stairs in our home and we both fall a lot. She has injured herself with her falls, but nothing serious.

I fell three different times a couple of months ago. The 1st time I broke my leg, the 2nd time I tore my rotator cuff in two places, which I still haven't had repaired, and the 3rd fall I cracked a rib.

Financial Hardship

We started doing some remodeling on our home so that we could sell it and move to a single-story home. We lack the funds to finish the house, and cannot do the work ourselves.

We are restricted from doing any work where we could earn some extra money.

My wife receives $850 per month, and I receive $1495 per month, all through SSI.

We have gone through our retirement funds.

My wife needs a shot for her rheumatoid arthritis, where her co-pay is $750 per month.

She takes 18 pills a day while I take 32 per day. Each month we have to decide which medicines we can afford to buy.

We can't afford to hire any help for assistance in cleaning our home, cooking, exterior work and general maintenance.

My food choices have changed due to my many illnesses. I am buying more organic food and leaner cuts of meat.

Income Efforts

We applied for a food card, which was denied.

Our church has helped with a few things, but their resources are limited.

Our family is unable to help us at this time.

We also created a couple of items that we tried to have trademarked, but both were denied.

We have entered contests online, in hopes of winning something that might help us.

Specific Needs

We are seeking any government benefits that may be available to us.

We also are interested in any grants that might supply us with people that may clean our home every two weeks.

We are also looking for grants to fund someone to finish repairs on our home so that we may move.

We also are looking for benefits or grants that would help us financially with our medicine and hospital bills.

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Mar 15, 2015
Next step uses the workbook
by: Don from Ability-Mission.org

Hi Barry,

With your story published, you're ready to use the workbook, which shows you how to make your story work for you.

Best regards,
Don Coggan

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