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Disability Grant For Bipolar And Epilepsy Disabled Young Man To Get Meds

by Brendyn Downey
(Port Austin, Michigan, USA)

I'm 18. I have my mom and I have my stepdad who loves me more than my father does.

Even people on my father's side love me more than my father.

And grandma, my mom's mother, has supported me since I was born.

Disability Issues

I have bipolar disorder and with that I always have depression and aggressions.

Throughout my life, I had to be in special education. With that, I couldn't get all my high school credits.

I also had epilepsy that caused seizures from the time I was 13 months old. Over the years I tried several medicines. When I was 13 years old, I found one that worked.

Even having a medication that worked, if I missed just one dose, I could end up having one or more seizures in a day.

When I was 16, I had brain surgery to help me.

I still don't have a driver's license because of the seizures. They say I have to be seizure-free for six months.

I've been seizure-free for three years and still don't have my license because of all the rules on taking a Michigan drivers test.

Financial Hardship

I'm having problems getting a job and because I have Supplemental Security Income and because I can only make $200 a month as real income.

I want a real job so I'm not sitting at home being lazy. I want to actually get out and do something. I want to earn, not get something that's free.

I don't like anything being free. It makes me feel like I'm a useless person. I want a way to have insurance cover me and also still make real money.

Income Efforts

I do receive SSI but I don't want that kind of money. I want medical insurance that covers me for free instead of needing SSI.

I don't like SSI cause you can only make $200 a month. I can't handle having only $849 every month.

I feel useless not being able to afford anything. On top of that, I can have only $2000 a year saved in a bank.

All these restrictions depress me.

Specific Needs

I just want medical insurance to pay for the prescriptions I need.

I also want a way to have a full-time job, which I cannot do now because I have SSI. I hate SSI.

I just want the benefit of medical insurance that can cover my meds and doctors' appointments.

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