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Disability Grant For Bipolar Disabled Divorcee To Settle Legal Matters

by Annette Marotta
(Sussex, NJ, USA)

When I was sick, both a corrupt ex-husband and a bad attorney took advantage of me during my divorce and I got the world's worst settlement.

I've lived below the US Poverty guidelines for four years now, and haven't been able to get much work.

My ex also kicked out my son, who is also sick and I'm trying to take care of him and am in debt.

By the time I was halfway well enough to realize what had happened, the statute of limitations was up to redo the divorce settlement and I don't have money for a retainer to fix things.

My ex is in arrears with alimony for years, and my situation is so screwed up, I'm obligated to pay child support for two kids and he only has custody of one.

There's a law in NJ that you can't get back child support so my ex is dragging the proceedings out and racking up bills.

I have to live with family and it's a burden. I don't have money to sue the attorney for malpractice either.

I need money to straighten out all these matters and move out with my one sick son so my parents can retire and be rid of all these headaches and financial drains.

Disability Issues

Originally misdiagnosed with severe depression, I got on the wrong medication because I actually am bipolar.

This made me manic and I did crazy things like spend all my money. I went from a perfect credit score to bankruptcy. That kind of behavior is a symptom of the disease.

I abandoned my children, hopped from hotel to hotel, lost several jobs, lost all my friends, lost my marriage, got arrested, had delusions at times...

I could go on and on.

Sometimes I was suicidal. I was hospitalized at times. I had Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and it ruined my short-term memory so now I'm not able to retain any new information.

I used to be a realtor but with the market being bad, I tried other jobs and failed miserably. Due to the memory issue, I couldn't learn anything in school to be trained in a new career.

I have panic attacks that are sometimes severe. Due to insomnia, I can only sleep 3-4 hours a night. I have mood swings at times and still some depression, but at least I'm no longer suicidal.

The memory is still pretty bad. I can't get through reading a book, or even remember what episode I just watched on TV right after it's over.

I don't have any friends left. I can't function well at much of anything.

Financial Hardship

I went bankrupt in 2009, so my credit is shot.

I only make $80 a week driving someone around who had their license taken away.

I get whatever alimony my ex-husband is in the mood to give me each month.

I owe my father thousands of dollars. I don't know what I would've ever done without him.

I have Medicaid to cover my doctor and medicine.

I have to pay for my car payment, which is actually a car my father lets me use that he got in my name since I couldn't get a loan in my name.

He helps with gas, and chips in for household expenses and my son's expenses because my ex-husband gives him nothing.

My son also has bipolar disorder and is disabled and can't work so I pay for his co-payments and his psychiatrist.

I just applied for SSI and SSD for him a few months ago for him for income and charity care because it was getting too expensive.

There is nothing left for anything like ever going out to have fun or buy new clothes or do anything of the sort.

Income Efforts

I have NJ Workability Medicaid, which pays for my healthcare thank God.

I was too inept to do the paperwork involved for SSI and SSD. In addition, the doctors wanted fees to fill out the forms. All that was at the time I was the most ill and I kept having panic attacks every time I tried.

I was denied. My parents took both my son and I in, but we are a huge drain on their retirement fund. They are not wealthy people.

Specific Needs

The best thing I could use is SSI for my son if he gets denied, and money to resolve my legal matters and live independently.

The retainer that my father gave my new attorney won't last very long because as I stated above, it is to my ex-husband's advantage to drag matters out. My ex-husband has lots of money and a multi-millionaire mother.

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May 29, 2016
As A Sociopath Sees It....
by: Someone who knows the family

This is without a doubt the most disgusting thing I have ever read.

This woman became addicted to prescription pills and alcohol She has refused treatment on several occasions over the years.

She left her 3 kids 2 of which are severely disabled the youngest was only 7 at the time.

She left her marriage.

Her husband was left to try to pick up the pieces while she blew through almost 150k of their savings on partying like a teenager and sleeping around. Not a dime was spent on her kids.

Her husband was awarded custody of their kids because she drugged her disabled 7 year old child and left him in her new town home, (that her husband was paying for), all alone to get back at her husband.

DYFS awarded custody to her husband.

She has also received lifetime alimony since 2008.

The child support deducted from her alimony is laughable and barely covers a day of care for one of her kids.

The oldest child is 24, not disabled, has his own apartment and works full time. This is the kid she says that lives with her.

She was also living with her boyfriend for years and lying about it to continue to collect alimony.

Her parents had to sell their home and leave the state to get away from her. She is not allowed to visit them.

This woman is the same as Jodi Arias.

Thank God the cops and ambulance were called in time and that poor 7 year old child was ok!

She is dangerous and a criminal.

She has no concern for her children.

She continually drags her ex-husband into court.

He is now and has been in financial distress for years.

His mother is 86 years old and has health problems. She buried her husband and son 18 months apart just a few years back.

Her financial situation is no one's business and she has been more than generous with Annette.

Annette received a large settlement from a former employer and refuses to give the court any information or provide anything for her disabled kids.

Annette also receives SSI/SSD permanently.

She received a very generous divorce settlement and hides money under her father and boyfriend to collect more from the government .

She is a LIAR.

I know this family very well.

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