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Disability Grant For Bipolar Disabled Victor To Get Legal And Financial Help

by Victor Santana
(Lehigh Acres, Florida, USA)

Hello, my name is Victor Santana I am a 53-year-old male Puerto Rican. Originally from New Jersey, I now reside in Florida.

I am divorced with three daughters and three grandchildren. I currently live alone.

I applied for military service, but was denied for medical reasons.

Disability Issues

I have been diagnosed with diabetes and bipolar disorder.

I also have had my appendix removed and had a steel rod implanted in my right leg.

My diabetes has me taking multiple forms of insulin.

I also have high blood pressure and asthma. Those require five other medications I need to take.

I also have cataracts and dental issues.

I officially get social security disability benefits.

I have always had asthma, but it was not until I had a bout with cancer that I developed diabetes.

My drug interactions make it so that my medications change from time to time.

Financial Hardship

I was awarded Social security benefits in the amount of $1300 a month. I wish I could say the amount is enough, but between medical bills, child support and general cost of living, it just is not.

My conditions make it so that I cannot hold a job.

Medicare helps a little with medicine and diabetes supplies, but it does not cover all the costs, nor does it cover dental.

I will also require cataract surgery to retain my sight, which is also not covered.

I cannot afford a car, so I have no reliable transportation. With my leg injuries, I cannot get around.

My diabetes requires a specific diet, which is very expensive.

Income Efforts

I currently live off my social security. That is my only form of income.

I cannot physically hold a job, nor could I get there if I could.

I have never received a grant of any kind, nor have I ever got any grants or anything of that nature.

This is my first time trying to apply for any help.

Outside of social security benefits, the only other help I receive is food stamp assistance.

Specific Needs

What I require is any grants or financial help that I can get.

I would also like legal advice to help me in my fight against the company I worked for whose chemicals caused my cancer.

Any help with computer working would be good so that way I can work from home.

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Mar 15, 2015
The workbook step is next
by: Don from Ability-Mission.org

Hello Victor,

With your story published, you can now move on to the workbook, which shows you how to make your story work for you.

Best regards,
Don Coggan

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