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Disability Grant For Depression Disabled Musician To Attend School

by Jay
(Burnsville, Minnesota, USA)

I am a 30-year-old male in the State of Minnesota. I don't know what I'm doing, or why I am even taking a chance on this essay.

I don't see how telling all my business, as usual, will give me the help I have been seeking.

All I want to do is go to school for music. It will take me two years to receive my associate's degree in productions.

My disability is a personality disorder: anxiety, panic, schizoaffective depressive, and I think that's it. I have a very hard time remembering current events, and long-term events.

I have a type of paranoia where I think people are going to kill me. I have visions where I can actually feel a person shooting me in the head.

I will not go outside unless I have to, but when I go, I am very aware of my surroundings. Everyone is a suspect.

Music takes my mind off a lot of things. It is my therapy to keep me sane, and to keep thoughts of suicide from occurring.

I have six children who need my care, but in my current situation I am not able to hold a job. I've never held a job for more than three months.

Even school can be a headache for me. But, the reason I choose to go to school for music is this. I wake up and stay at my computer doing music on software from daylight to darkness, so I said to myself, "Why not make this into a career?"

I went and applied at a school called Minneapolis Media Institute. I have applied for financial aid but I don't think that it will cover the $40,000 tuition cost for the two years.

This is why I am taking a chance with writing this essay.

Here's another thing. I am a felon in the state of Minnesota, and me being a felon, Minnesota does not help any felons with programs. They have funding, but they will not tell us where to find the help.

Also, being on Government Assistance you have to know somebody, or have to have had hustled information about programs that the state has been hiding. Even my financial worker denies that they have such programs.

But then you find out through someone else that they are using the program that you've been told doesn't exist. Then when you confront your worker about the lies, you discover you have to be in a certain situation in your life in order to receive that certain help.

I just need help so I can get my degree. This way I do not have to depend on Government Assistance. I am waiting for Social Security, but I don't think they want to help.

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