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Disability Grant For Fibromyalgia Pain Disabled Rebecca To Buy Used Vehicle

by Rebecca Charles
(Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA)

am a 44-year-old single mother of a beautiful 15-year-old daughter. I am adopted and my brother and mother are the only remaining members of my adopted family who accept me.

I have graduated with my master's degree in Social Work and recently worked on a second master's degree in Criminal Justice.

My daughter and I moved an hour away from our support system when I was required to do a yearlong internship for my master's degree.

Disability Issues

Over 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, along with an unspecified autoimmune thyroid disorder.

The illness that would prove to turn my life upside down started with a traumatic event between my ex-husband and myself, in which I feared for my life.

The next day I was in the emergency room with severe hives and huge patches of swollen, hot areas of skin. It was highly painful. From there, my health has gradually gone downhill.

Over the past two years, my fibromyalgia has increased in severity. I experience pain and severe muscle spasms throughout my back and hips from sitting and standing more than 15 minutes in one position.

I am unable to walk more than 25 or 30 feet without significant rest and the ability to lean on something.

Most days, I have lengthy episodes where my cognitive abilities are diminished in terms of concentration, focus and processing.

I also experience extreme and debilitating fatigue each day due to the fibromyalgia pain. Insomnia keeps me awake most of the night, resulting in frequent daily naps.

Episodes of dizziness that affect my driving and mobility capabilities occur for days at a time.

I am on several medications that help lessen the pain, but they cause me to be extremely drowsy and impair my thinking and ability to drive myself.

In addition, a multiple sclerosis diagnosis looms over me.

Due to my illness, I had to leave college in my last semester because I could not physically sit in classes or mentally function at a graduate level.

It has cost me my marriage and my once active social life. I no longer socialize with people because of the high level of pain I suffer daily. Disability is in initial stages.

Financial Hardship

While I wait for a Social Security Disability decision, my daughter and I are struggling to make ends meet. We are receiving cash assistance, which helps a great deal.

However, the vehicle we have is a 2001 Saturn SC1, which is a sports vehicle. We have owned it for several years… long before my illness rendered me disabled.

It is difficult for me to get in and out of the car because it sits so low, causing me pain.

It is also not very dependable to get back and forth to appointments. It has broken down twice over the past six months and cost me several missed medical and psychological appointments.

Income Efforts

I have searched for work-at-home jobs that I could do in spite of my illness. I tried being a secret shopper but realized that I couldn't recall the vital information necessary to document what the client requested.

I have applied to About.com a few times for a writing position but was denied each time.

As stated earlier, I am awaiting a decision on SSI.

I do not have friends or family on whom I can count for financial help.

Specific Needs

I am seeking grant money to obtain a dependable, used vehicle that I can get in and out of with my disability.

I am also seeking other grants that would help me access additional diagnostic testing that my insurance does not cover.

There are symptoms that I have that may be related to other diseases other than fibromyalgia; however, everything is being dumped into this one diagnosis.

The possibility of other diseases being present would explain the severity and deterioration of my health. In addition, I might learn of other medication that would slow down disease progression.

Business Idea

I have so many different ideas; however, there are none at this time that coordinate well with my disease.

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Jan 25, 2015
Use your writing skills!
by: Don from Ability-Mission.org

Hi Rebecca,

You are a skilled writer. That's powerful. Have you tried to get work other than About.com?

All the best
Don Coggan

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