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Disability Grant For Gulf Veteran With PTSD To Get Reliable Transportation

by Don Mulder
(Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, USA)

I am 49 years old and live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Veterans Administration rates me at 70% service connected disabled.

I reside in a rooming house while I go back to school via the Veterans Administration Vocational Rehabilitation Program.

Disability Issues

My disability issues began shortly after Gulf one and it has impacted my life greatly.

I can't see that well, have a perforated ear drum and vertigo from the service, a spinal cord injury, PTSD, nervous system disorder, infertility and seeking mental health counseling from the VA.

I have also have a difficult time eating, as I can't feel the right side of my face or arm.

I also have sleep apnea with nasty PTSD nightmares that keep me awake in the night. I average three hours of sleep on a normal night and I use an IPAP machine (more critical than a CPAP because of my breathing problems).

Financial Hardship

I live on very limited income with VA disability of $1041 per month. I pay $400 per month for rent, $75 for car insurance, and $200 for personal bills and then my own food and gas.

At the end of the month, I am usually about $65 in the red.

I don't eat healthy because I can't afford it.

My clothes are old and it's something that affects my self-esteem greatly.

The honest to God's truth is that I really don't like to ask for help because there is always someone who needs it more than I do. However, I feel if I don't ask for help now, it would not be in my best interest.

Income Efforts

The only income that I receive is from the VA for my service-connected disabilities.

I am in school full time through the VA Vocational Rehabilitation Program to better my situation and my grades are a primary focus.

At my age and competing with the younger generation, as well as disabilities, there are quite a few barriers to overcome.

School isn't easy, as I have memory loss problems so it takes me a lot of study.

Specific Needs

I really do not know where to turn to for help. The VA is limited and I did live at the VA domiciliary for a while too.

I'm not good with computers to research, so I try to do so by making telephone calls and speaking to my counselor and other vets.

I'm in desperate need of a safe vehicle. My brother-in-law is a mechanic and I have an old Chevy Cavalier that he has welded and re-welded and worked on to keep it going.

He said that my car is unsafe and driving it could be catastrophic should the front end fail again where he welded it. The mileage on the car is 150,000 and I don't have air conditioning or heat in it. The car shudders and when I apply the brakes it bounces all over the road.

If I lose transportation, I won't be able to get medical help at the VA or get to school, go grocery shopping or even look for work when I am able. My therapist wants me to concentrate on school, therapy and counseling before I go back to work.

I would like to find a safe place to live but there is no way I can afford an apartment on my own at this time with the amount of money it takes for a security deposit, first month's rent and the deposit to get utilities hooked up.

I'm in need of a grant or something (any little bit will help and I am grateful).

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