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Disability Grant For Multiple Sclerosis Disabled Woman To Get Insurance

by Brenda Seil
(Joliet, Illinois, USA)

I am a 38 year old female that was born in 1974 in Washington D.C. Now I live in the Chicago area.

I was married in 1993 at the age of 18 and now have two children. My daughter is 18 years old and my son is 14 years old.

Disability Issues

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 17 years ago when I started temporarily losing my vision.

I had an MRI that showed plaques on my brain, which is an indication of multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis has no known origin or cure.

I since have had all disabling effects of multiple sclerosis such as optic neuritis, weakness in extremities disabling me from performing certain abilities such as walking more than a block or two, cognitive issues, seizures, and all other abilities involving the brain and the spinal cord.

My official disability status has been declared "permanent" and it gives the authorization to receive social security disability benefits.

Financial Hardship

I no longer have my main source of income from my spouse. Because of our pending divorce, I will no longer be covered under his insurance plan.

I have also had to file bankruptcy due to a home foreclosure, an automobile repossession, unaffordable doctor bills and several unfortunate circumstances.

I no longer have my automobile to go to my doctor's appointments, to transport my power chair, or attend general functions due to an accident my daughter recently had in my car that left it unrepairable.

Income Efforts

I had applied for the governmental "ticket to work" employment network a few times but there were no matches because of my lack of proper education or abilities.

I had applied several times for social security supplement income but was denied because of the income status of whichever family member I was able to stay with at the time.

Specific Needs

I will be thankful to receive a disability grant so I can pay to get proper insurance that will cover my doctor appointments and medication for my multiple sclerosis.

I will also be grateful to receive financial assistance so I can get a permanent residence of my own and a vehicle to transport my power chair in.

I would also like to receive a grant so I can purchase a laptop and attend an online college. An education will qualify me to get a job that I will be able to function well at and permit me to survive on my own.

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Feb 28, 2013
It still annoys me, in Illinois!
by: Ken

Hello Brenda,

I can only tell you that, if you are in the middle of a divorce, you should have 50/50 shares in the assets of your things? You should go to a lawyer and talk to him about your illness and the support issues as well as your divorce. You may get enough for your laptop and a car. But please, you need to talk to a lawyer for free, anyone! Keep in touch. I would love to hear what you did and achieved with this!!! Don't give up.


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