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Disability Grant For Pain Disabled Diabetic Sherry To Open Cafe For Homeless

by Sherry White
(Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, USA)

Hello to all, I am a 55-year-old woman from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, originally from Tampa, Florida.

My heritage is mostly Scottish/English with a little Swedish thrown in to make it interesting. I am a mother of three and grandmother of four and consider myself blessed in that respect.

I attended school to become a Commercial Artist in the 1990s. Due to some pretty bad family emergencies, I was not able to finish.

Disability Issues

I mostly worked in group homes for the mentally and physically disabled as well as working in a hospital for over six years.

I liked working in those places, but understaffing caused me to have to take on a lot of lifting, etc by myself. As a result, I developed pretty severe back, knee and shoulder problems. They become worse with time, leading to arthritis.

I am also a diabetic, with high blood pressure, to make things more complicated.

All of these things together have disabled me, starting with the back problems, since around 2001.

I am in pain of one form or another all the time, and nothing really eases it totally. It is difficult for me to walk very far at once, and even sitting for too long causes problems, swelling for instance.

Financial Hardship

Financially, I have been living on Social Security and SSI and together they give me $753 to live on and $665 of that goes for my rent and utilities.

I have lived with a friend for quite a while and the money helps him pay his mortgage and other bills. I have very little left to save up for a car, or anything else that could change my future.

We live in a small town, about 30 minutes from Lexington, Kentucky, and it's at least five miles to get to a store, or anywhere else. I feel helpless and stuck, to say the least.

Income Efforts

Before I was disabled, I was always working. If it wasn't a regular job, then I cleaned people's homes or whatever I could figure out to do. Now I have to be very careful not to make things worse.

If I could run a business of my own, then I could be as careful as needed, without being fired. That would be wonderful.

The dreams I have are not that extreme or greedy, but it would be nice to have a hope for something better.

Food stamps and Medicare take care of my other basic needs, luckily.

Specific Needs

What I'm looking for are grants that would help with the things I need to stand on my own feet more.

I'm thinking of some kind of housing grant to take care of at least some of my rent, so I would have a little more of that Social Security left for things I need.

I need transportation of my own in a bad way. Are there any car grants?

I would love to go back to school if there are grants I'm eligible for.

Any business grants I am eligible for would help me start my own business.

Business Idea

My biggest dream of all would be to run a little cafe, that would offer simple food choices, such as homemade soups, sandwiches, coffee, tea and maybe salads, all fresh and healthy.

The most important thing would be that any homeless person could come there and eat for free, once a day, especially if they are veterans, and maybe they could work there for an hour here and there to help out if they want.

I know I would have to turn a profit, but I think it would work. I've helped a local church in Lexington, during the winter, to cook and serve dinner to homeless men, and I've also served free coffee to the local homeless at another time.

I truly loved every moment of both experiences, and I would like very much to make that my life's work. I have actually heard of this idea being used elsewhere, in other cities successfully. Eventually it is my plan to work directly with local organic farms to get vegetables for this cafe.

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Aug 04, 2015
Looking for Business Partners
by: Teresa. L. Fisher

Hello Sherry

If I can get my business idea off the ground I can see where our business ideas could work together. My business idea would benefit wounded veterans and disabled people. Many wounded veterans have become homeless. I would like to open my business doors to the Wounded Warriors program. Would that interest you?

Good luck!
Teresa. L. Fisher

Aug 04, 2015
Next step: Workbook
by: Don from Ability Mission

Hey Sherry,

Good job of your story! Now you need to get the Workbook, which shows you how to use your story to get the help you need.

Don Coggan

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