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Disability Grant For Paralyzed Jacob To Get Physical Rehabilitation

by Jacob Lietz
(Great Falls, Montana, USA)

My name is Jacob Lietz. I am 35 years old and living in Great Falls, Montana with my brother David.

I am divorced going on three years and have two stepdaughters.

I served nine years in the Montana Army National Guard as a combat medic.

I also worked in the oil field for three years at various positions.

Disability Issues

On February 13th, 2008 I was on my way to work when I rolled my truck.

I broke my neck at the cervical 6-7 level rendering me an incomplete quadriplegic.

I have limited function in both hands, limited triceps strength, and I have complete paralysis from the middle of my chest down.

I have worked hard for the last seven years to maintain as balanced a life as possible through obtaining degrees in school to countless hours of physical therapy.

Over the years, my balance and overall functionality as a quadriplegic has greatly improved, but I still do not have any function below my level of injury.

Financial Hardship

My income currently includes SSDI, military compensation income for post-traumatic stress disorder, and subsidiary income for school.

These three sources of income pay my mortgage, all of my utility bills, car payment, and random living expenses.

I have been in my home for a little over three years and a couple of renovations have been necessary that have set me back, including having to purchase a new water heater.

I have a small savings that I have accumulated over the years from this income, but nothing substantial enough to the point of being able to cover what I need financial assistance for.

Income Efforts

I have a plan to actually have a great source of income within the next few years after school, but as of right now, I am too physically disabled to have a manual labor position.

I have a degree in game art and design, which unfortunately does not offer much in my region.

Therefore, I am currently working on a second degree in computer programming, which will apply to many different fields in my area. Furthermore, it will coincide with my initial degree or when I am ready to relocate in the future.

Specific Needs

At the moment, I am in search of any grants that may be available to help me with more physical rehabilitation.

While the VA has provided me with a standing frame to get on my feet, I am in need of one that has elliptical capabilities to improve cardiovascular health and range of motion.

Furthermore, I have found a rehabilitation center that goes beyond the boundaries of anything that any other organization provides. The name of the company is Project Walk based out of San Diego, California.

Unfortunately, these two interventions that I see necessary to aid in the possibility of me ever getting on my feet again are dramatically out of my price range.

I am looking for any help that may be out there to get this soldier back on his feet. Thank you for your time in reading this and your consideration.

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May 19, 2015
Follow Up
by: SheilaKay Paris

Hi Jacob,

I'm a member here on Don's site too but my total disabilities pale to what you are going through. I hope you are able to get to his Workbook because it will be very helpful.

His business associate, Brian Therrien, also offers (free too) help for the disabled at his site:

Disability Digest

At the bottom of the page click 'join' (free like I said) and you will find all sorts of resources that I know will benefit you. Speaking of benefits, a big one for the governmental ones is Benefits.gov. Fill out the forms (they are easy, I have done it) and at some point on the right side of their page will show you what bennies you are entitled to apply for. Great site.

I also put into Google 'grants for quadriplegics' and came up with tons of private places to apply. I was specifically looking for:


and found it.

Many blessings to you, Jacob. I really admire your tenacity and desire to improve on your situation no matter the obstacles. You hang in there, my cowgirl hat is off to you!

Sheila Paris

May 18, 2015
On to the Workbook!
by: Donald

Hi Jacob,

Now that your story is published, it's time for you to access the Workbook.

Don Coggan

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