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Disability Grant For Severe Depression And Physically Disabled Widowed Man

by Reginald Lindsay
(Cincinnati, Ohio, US)

I am a 53-year-old disabled man, widowed since 2008. I have one adult son from my first marriage and I live alone.

I'm looking for disability grants or similar funding to help me deal with severe depression and other mental and physical disabilities.

In an effort to try to reconstruct my life, I currently attend a Seminary university for graduate studies. I look to the Lord for my salvation.

I have several disabilities to mention that are affecting my ability to work and to live normally.

My physical complications are as follows: diabetes, hypertension, arthritis in my shoulder and back, and a sleeping disorder.

Mental health issues are: severe depression, anxiety disorder, panic attacks, social personality disorder. I have problems dealing with groups of people in close-quartered situations.

I have no work history to speak of, having spent most of my life in prisons (12 years during one sentence).

I have been a drug abuser for most of my young adult life and I am now in continued recovery.

Because of my disabilities I live with an income of $115 monthly from the Hamilton County Job and Family Services, Cincinnati, Ohio.

I am literally unable to afford the cost of housing (my current rent alone is $325 monthly). My expenses also include several extraneous matters that I cannot afford.

I am about to lose my apartment, and everything that I have been blessed to acquire since changing my life.

Although I try to obtain a job, I am most likely to fall uncontrollably asleep, and thus lose the job anyway. I cannot afford to work and I cannot afford not to work.

I have tried to submit multiple job applications, but no one wishes to hire a 53-year-old man with no work experience, even though I have an education.

My prison record prevents me from working in most jobs, my physical health prevents others and my mental health affects other job opportunities.

I have tried to get assistance from Churches, SSI, and any other organization or parties that will help me. But, some cannot and others will not.

I need help with benefits (funding), SSI lawyer, advice and some direction.

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