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Disability Grant For Single Mom To Help Autistic And CP Disabled Children

by Leona Hassell
(New York, NY, USA)

I am a single parent. I will not give my age. I am raising two disabled children.

I have no family and my children's father died and left us nothing. He was an idiot who left me for a junkie. But I was really in love with him.

I never knew my parents. I have no idea of my history or background. I just know I am here living in this evil world.

I have no faith and I do have mixed feelings about if there is a God. I am so confused about the way of the world.

I have been hurt and lied to all of my life. I am a former battered woman but it is okay because it made me stronger and wiser.

I have been homeless and hungry with a disabled child.

Disability Issues

I am not disabled but my two children are.

My first child who is female has cerebral palsy. She is in a wheelchair and she is mentally challenged and nonverbal.

My second child has autism and is developmentally delayed. He can walk.

Financial Hardship

I am unemployed and I receive food stamps.

I am unable to work due to the fact that both of my children are disabled. They need my full attention.

Income Efforts

I tried to borrow money from my friends but they have their own money problems.

I did try and seek online employment but they want money.

I have no money. That is why I am applying for a free grant.

Specific Needs

I am seeking a free grant so I can buy a washing machine because I am constantly going to the laundromat and it is costly.

I need extra money for food and other household items.

This would help reduce some of the stress I am under.

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Mar 06, 2013
You can make it anywhere, New York!
by: Ken

Hi Leona,

Remember your cup is half full! Don't get involved between good and evil! Think instead of what you can still do! I don't know how long you were with your ex, but what happened to splitting of assets? To me you should be entitled to half. I think you could try this site for some answers:


These sites are quite tricky and you really have to go through them. Keep your shoulders back and your head up high!

Best wishes,

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