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Disability Grant For TBI Disabled Glenn To Build Copywriting Home Business

by Glenn Wininger
(Cogan Station, Pennsylvania, USA)

I am a 57-year-old man with degrees in civil engineering and biology. I have two adult children who live away from home. I am married to a very caring and loving woman. She is an attorney and owns her own law firm.

I worked throughout my career in the energy industry, building natural gas pipelines. My work required me to travel extensively and to relocate often.

Pipeline Work Meant a Lot of Traveling and Relocating
Pipeline Work Meant a Lot of Traveling and Relocating

I am passionate about animals, gardening and the outdoors in general. My wife and I have animal companions ranging from one dog to 9 cats and a horse.

We live in a beautiful 150-year-old farmhouse that possesses a stunning view of the neighboring Appalachian Mountains.

Disability Issues

In December 2009, I was attacked by a dog on my way to work. I suffered a concussion, a contusion to the back of my head and a fracture to the front portion of my skull.

After spending three days in the hospital and a week recuperating at home, I returned to work and continued to work throughout 2010, with very poor performance. In fact I still cannot remember anything related to 2010.

I finally reached out to my primary care physician in early 2011. He recommended that I take Short Term Disability (STD) from my job, seek treatment from a specialist and actively engage in rehabilitation.

I took her advice and stopped working, found a specialist with experience dealing with traumatic brain injuries and began cognitive speech therapy.
Learn More About TBI from the NIH

In October of 2011, the specialist diagnosed me with Traumatic Brain Injury with Bilateral Frontal Lobe Encephalomalacia and told me that I would never fully recover. I would never be able to return to my career as a project manager.

Fortunately, with Cognitive Speech Therapy and medications, I have been able to compensate for some of the effects of my brain injury. I completed my therapy yet still take medication to control anxiety and aid in my concentration as well as my short-term memory issues.

With the knowledge that I would not be able to return to my demanding career, I decided to file for Long-term Disability. I was granted Long-term Disability, and later Social Security Disability, due to the official medical diagnosis.

To this day, I still have panic attacks when confronted with crowds of people and park my vehicle at locations that prevent me from wandering around to locate where I parked.

I also have issues flying in airplanes due to the claustrophobic effect and have had to exit the aircraft prior to takeoff to avoid panic attacks.

Financial Hardship

Needless to say, the financial difficulties due to the injury and subsequent diagnosis are numerous. My Long-term Disability expired in the middle of 2012. I did seek employment yet could only offer my services on a part-time basis due to my injury.

I finally found employment in late 2012 as a part-time employee with a company working in my field of pipeline engineering. Social Security determined that I was no longer disabled once I returned to the work force and my benefits were stopped.

As a result of my employment as part-time, the pay was erratic at best and non-existent at times. I was removed from projects that I was managing due to my inability to perform and my job title was changed to consultant as a result.

The company I was employed part-time for began laying off full-time employees late in 2014, resulting in even less time available for me.

In February 2015, I began looking for another job. I have not been able to find another job, and have had no income since January 2015, when I received a small stipend for time I spent consulting on projects.

Income Efforts

I have attended multiple job interviews, via telephone and personally, related to my field of employment that resulted in complete disaster.

Although my ability to recall my profession is still there, as my long-term memory is still intact, I have numerous situations whereupon I cannot express myself with any cognitive response to the questions that arise during an interview. In other words, I experience anxiety during those interviews and get noticeably agitated.

I have also recognized that being 57 years of age most companies are not interested in hiring someone of my age knowing that I will soon be retirement age. I do understand that employers cannot discriminate due to age or disability; however, when filling out employment applications I do honestly indicate that I have a disability.

Specific Needs

I do not seek advice on SSDI or other related benefits. I neither need advice on obtaining counsel from an attorney, as my wife is an attorney who actually specializes in SSDI.

I am not looking for any additional benefits as I have Medicare for my medical; however, that will expire sometime in the near future as well.

As a result of complete inability to find full-time employment due to my disability, I am specifically looking for financial aid in the form of grants in starting a business as a writer in copywriting as well as e-books.

Business Idea

In general, my business idea entails starting a home-based business in copywriting. Our current "age of information" demands a significant amount of copywriting for sales of products, services and ideas.

Notwithstanding the power of persuasion through copywriting for the aforementioned, e-books also play an important role in providing information to the people requiring it.

We all want and crave information and copywriters provide that information. In addition, copywriters provide a much-needed service for retailers and wholesalers to get their products and services to the forefront.

I have had success in writing in the past, as I am a co-author in an engineering manual based upon pipeline design and construction. I was informed that the chapters I was responsible for were well written, succinct, educational and informative.

I seek funds in the way of a grant to establish a home office as well as continuing my education in copywriting through a well-established organization. That same organization not only provides materials to learn the trade quickly yet meticulously, it also provides an avenue for copywriters to obtain projects for quick income.

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Sep 14, 2015
Thank you Lisa!
by: Don from Ability Mission


Thank you for that comment. In case anyone is interested in your story, this is the link to it:


This is a good time to remind you to sign up for the Workbook so you can get your own story working for you.

Don Coggan

Sep 14, 2015
Good luck!
by: Lisa Schmidt

Glenn, I wish for you the best of luck in your endeavor to start a business. The cognitive side effects of a TBI are often difficult for others to understand because they are not "visible" in the same way that our physical limitations are.

As of yesterday, I am 22 years post stroke and there are still people close to me that do not understand that I simply cannot think and process information as efficiently as I could before. They get get irritated when I ask to have something repeated multiple times.

I don't know what the answer (or "fix") for this might be but I do know that it is absolutely vital to NEVER GIVE UP!

I am supposed to be dead or broccoli yet I raised two kids almost entirely on my own, when my husband lost interest in doing all the things I was no longer able to do.

He physically left only a year ago but he checked out LONG before that and I had to figure out how to get pretty much everything done without any but the minimal help from him.

I've come to accept that at 45 I am now not only physically handicapped but also single. I have two terrific grown kids that pick up the "slack" as much as possible.

I'm sorry, I didn't intend to make this post about me. My biggest cognitive flaw post-TBI is that I tend to be too focused on myself.

I hope you find a way to make your dream come true. Don't give up until you have! Good luck! I'll be thinking of you.

Lisa Schmidt

Sep 13, 2015
Well done
by: Glenn

Thank you very much for the superb job of editing, polishing and providing requisite graphics to my story.

Sep 11, 2015
Next step is the Workbook
by: Don from Ability Mission

Hi Glenn,

Very nicely done story! How tragic though to be disabled by a dog attack.

Good to see you soldiering on, so I have little doubt you will now move on to the Workbook.

Don Coggan

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