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Disability Grant For US Navy Veteran And Husband To Buy Home In Norfolk

by Christine Rayfield
(DeMotte, Indiana, USA)

I served as a female combat veteran in the United States Navy from December 1988 through September 1994. I fought in the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

I'm 45 years old with four fully grown children, with a son in the Marine Corps. I was married to Earl on July 24, 1999.

Disability Issues

My military disability is currently at 60%. I received 10% soon after I exited from the military.

This disability was from breathing in the fires over in Kuwait during the war. It caused permanent polyps and cysts with major infection the result.

I was working for Dollar Tree Stores. As my disabilities got worse over time, they felt that I could no longer do the job, and I had to agree with them.

At this point I was on permanent painkillers for the prior five years and the pain was horrible. I filed again for Veterans Disability. A military doctor told me that I had Persian Gulf Illness along with the swelling of internal organs and joints.

It took seven plus years to get this disability of 60% last November and this was for the rape that I endured while in war.

It is officially for PTSD because I also have a bipolar condition. I am currently waiting on the Washington DC VA Board to finish the claim.

Financial Hardship

We are currently living in a small old trailer home. We really want a house and have been trying to do that but saving up the money is impossible to do.

I can do a VA loan but I still have expenses to pay off, a few collections and other forms of moving expenses.

We currently live in Indiana but we want to go back "home" to the Norfolk area in Virginia.

I am unable to work at all but I do get Social Security benefits. Once I get moved I believe we could pay for everything out of my two checks.

My husband is also disabled through a car accident back in 2006 and he does not qualify for any benefits.

We have a running vehicle right now but it is nine years old and we will need a new automobile in the near future.

Income Efforts

I have Veteran Administration Disability at 60% that gives me $1120 a month plus a Social Security for the disabled at $1322 per month.

I have received food from the local food banks and churches.

Our parents have helped us in the past but they are not able to do this any longer.

I am unable to work because of my disabilities and medication that I take for the problems.

Specific Needs

I am looking for a grant to get a house or a grant to get started paying off back bills so I can be VA approved.

If there are any more benefits that I qualify for please let me know. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Just the move can run around $5000 because we can no longer lift and need the help of a moving company.

In Suffolk, VA actually in the village of Whalleyville, there is a house we might qualify for, first as a rent-to-own, then as a homeowner with a mortgage by October.

It is at 126 Whalley St. Any help with this and I would be ecstatic! It would also help us get around better with our disabilities.

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