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Disability Grant For Wheelchair And Minivan For MS Disabled Mother

by Amy McKinney
(Darien, WI, USA)

I am a 44-year-old divorced woman with two girls 16 and 20.

My parents 74/71 years respectively own a small family business and have been married for 49 years and work at this business still today.

My oldest daughter upon completing her fire fighting/EMT studies has acquired a job with the local rescue squad and continues to pursue a full time fire-fighting career.

My youngest enjoys high school, does babysitting, works for a restaurant on weekends and works for a caregiver organization. She wants to pursue a career in child development/education.

I have a significant other of over five years. We enjoy our time together and helping each other.

Disability Issues

My first symptom of MS occurred on my wedding day in 1989. My right arm went numb. We blew it off as nerves.

Shortly after my first daughter was born, my legs became weak and hard to control. My doctor called it possible/probable MS.

It was however, only after the birth of my second daughter in 1996 that the confirmation of MS was determined via MRI and spinal tap.

My legs became weaker, I started using a cane and in 2000 I could no longer work due to the MS.

I began using a scooter then to transport around town while I continued to use a cane around the house until continued exacerbation/attacks have had me relying solely on the use of a scooter.

I can no longer stand or sit up without assistance and utilize a "Sit to Stand" device to get me to bed, bathroom and scooter.

My MS, which was once relapsing/remitting, has now been classified as secondary remitting progressive MS.

My mobility has not recovered from exacerbation/attacks.

Financial Hardship

Money is tight.

My ex-husband pays child support, which ends next year. After that I will no longer be able to afford my home, as the mortgage is more than the amount of money I get from monthly Social Security Disability.

Transportation has become difficult, as my significant other's MS has made it hard to get me in the car.

The county has helped with yard work and snow clearing along with getting a person to help clean the house once a week.

Medications are very expensive and not affordable for me. Medicaid has been providing me the drugs I need and I am forever thankful.

Family care services have recently been providing some daily help with bathing, repositioning and meal preparations, as my significant other is recovering from surgery.

My daughters know not to ask for too much as it simply is not affordable, yet, as kids, they ask anyway.

The stress of income is always on my mind as the future is unknown at this point as to my home, and living expenses are beyond my ability to pay them after the stopping of child support and social security payment for my daughter.

Income Efforts

Currently, I receive SSDI, Family care services that reduce payment outlays.

My significant other provides support for food, gas and transportation (when able).

My mother and neighbors provide occasional prepared meals that are easy to heat up lessening the stress of meal preparations.

My cognitive decline along with fatigue brought on by MS has prevented me from doing any kind of work.

Specific Needs

Mobility outside the home has become difficult. I am seeking assistance for the purchase of a handicapped equipped mini-van that has a side exit ramp.

This vehicle can improve my ability to go shopping and visit family, and friends. The acquisition of this vehicle will dramatically improve my quality of life.

Additionally, I will need to acquire a powered wheelchair as I only have a scooter at this time and they are not crash tested to be able to stay on it in the vehicle.

Business Idea

Wished I had some business idea that I could manage via my disability.

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Jan 26, 2013
Turn back the clocks!
by: Ken

Hi Amy,

Have you contacted the MS society of Wisconsin? They don't offer too much, but they have good suggestions and moral support. Today, it seems like there is not much for grants or even loans if you are not working. It seems heartless, but these are the times that more and more people need help. With the population getting older, as baby boomers are retiring and the pressure on health care is stressed across the world, there is less and less that can be done. Like you mentioned, thanks for Medicaid!

Recently, we lost our home. It was much the same situation as yours; mortgage was higher than our income. My wife suffered a severe brain injury and I have peripheral neuropathy, so neither of us can work. We rely on the system. I was however lucky enough to sell our home and purchase a trailer home. That helped tremendously, but of course, holidays with our kids or having guests over is now out of the question. It's sad, but there was no other choice. It is nice having a discount on bus fare, but sometimes it is very troublesome as the buses here don't run that often, which makes doctor appointments difficult. My children have all moved away so we can't rely on them for trips to the grocery store, but we manage.

You can try your local churches; sometimes they have food banks. The Salvation Army in our town has one. Also, you may be able to use the want ads on Kijiji or Craigslist if someone has a mini-van with a lift that may have gone to an estate sale and might be in your price range.

Best wishes,

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