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Disability Grant Money For Sisters To Help Parkinsons Disabled Dying Brother

by Maryellen Donath
(Peoria, Illinois, USA)

In 1994 we lost our mom to terminal cancer. Out of four children there were two of us who never lost contact.

My sister and I were recently put in touch with our younger brother after 13 years of not knowing if he was alive, where he was, or how he was.

The news that came to us is not good. Our brother is dying. He is only 44 and has two years at the most to live.

Rick lives in Tennessee, I live in Illinois, and our sister now lives in Arizona. Rick has Parkinson's, COPD, spine problems, and lung problems.

Three doctors have declared him permanently disabled with no chance of recovery. He is on eight different medicines, oxygen, lung machine, and he is in a wheelchair for the most part.

Rick is due for another surgery on his spine and brain and the doctors are not sure he will even make it through them.

Paula (his wife) can't work, as Rick needs around-the-clock care. The state has denied them help and taken away what little help they were receiving.

They are having a hard time paying normal bills without the cost of his meds, doctor care and the required machines he needs.

Rick cannot be put on a donor list for lungs because of other medical problems. We have come to terms with this. But why must the things he needs till he dies be taken away or denied to him?

This is putting stress on the whole family and tearing his family there apart. Neither my sister nor myself can afford more than the needs for everyday living.

I myself am fighting just for a way to get down to them to try to help fight for their rights as Rick doesn't have the strength to do it himself.

They only receive $140 a month for food, and everything else has been cut due to Rick's disability being $95 too much a month.

I'm not sure how they have arrived at these figures. I can only think he's dying so are they trying to push him in to his grave early?

There is not much of our family left and I will do everything in my power to help him at least live out the rest of his time stress and worry free.

Thank you for your help, even if it's just a matter of pointing us to places we can go to for information for them. Maryellen.

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Mar 03, 2016
by: John

I too have Parkinson's. I also have severe depression, COPD and dead nerves from neck now to legs. I know how you are feeling and what you are going through. It is hard not being able to live with this. I hope you will be able to get past this. I am praying for you, God Bless!

Mar 17, 2013
Help with meds
by: Kim Hubbard

If medications costs are an issue, you might find help at www.needymeds.org God bless!

Mar 17, 2013
How to find benefits
by: Don from Accessible.org

Hi Maryellen,

Your brother is lucky to have such caring sisters!

Help is available even if in an indirect way by getting benefits to cover some of costs.

Please go to this page for step by step instructions on how to get started with the federal government website that helps you find benefits you are eligible for:


Few people are aware of this, so you could be quite surprised at what you uncover.

Let us know what you find, okay?

All the best!
Don from Accessible.org

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