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Disability Grant Money For Wife To Help Disabled Husband In End Renal Failure

by Toni Avery
(Interlochen, MI, USA)

My husband has been a diabetic since the age of eight. He is 56 years old and in the end stages of renal failure and does dialysis two times a week.

On March 25, 2010 he passed out and was taken to the hospital and admitted for five days. We have been through so much.

Our daughter went through all the testing and was almost a 100% match for a kidney for my husband but due to the family history of diabetics in the family they would not let her donate a kidney.

Now after this last issue the doctors at Munson Medical are saying he may not be able to get a kidney transplant now.

There are several things I have to accomplish here.

1. We would like a second opinion and need funds to get out to the University of Wisconsin. It would cost us approx. $2,000 to do the trip.

2. My husband is getting very weak and cannot keep up with the house we have. I need to down size and try to get us into a smaller house that I can take care of or a condo. This is going to cost me approx. $7,000.

My husband had always been a hard worker. In 1998 he had quadruple open heart by pass surgery. Within eight weeks he was back to work. Normal procedure to return to work is 90-120 days.

He suffers from sleep apnea as well. When the doctors put him off work in January 2005 we really thought there would be something that would help him so he could go back to work.

That never happened and we never applied for Social Security until late 2006. He is really a medical miracle and I feel he deserve to have a second opinion.

Also, if there is nothing that can be done for him, he deserves to have peace and not have to live out his life worrying about how we are going to take care of the house and everything that has to be taken care of in the spring, winter and fall.

Thank you for listening to our story.

Toni Avery

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May 01, 2010
Resources in your area
by: Katina from Accessible.org

As a disabled person myself, I can sympathize with your situation and I definitely understand your need for help.

I've done a bit of research and found this resource for you:

Michigan Assistance Programs:

Others reading your story may be able to contribute more. In any case, please let us know if they've been helpful to you.

Good luck!


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