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Disability Grant Money To Give Man With Cerebral Palsy Breathing Room

by Lamarlo Green
(Hephzibah, Georgia, USA)

Hello, I'm a 36-year-old black male. I have a five-year-old son.

I am from Columbus, Mississippi. I have been in Georgia for about a year. I am currently living with family friends.

Disability Issues

I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy from birth and I walk with a very noticeable limp. When I was a child I wore leg braces. I'm not on the braces now.

I was always promised corrective surgery, but never had it. When I got to a certain age, the doctors told me that there were children in worse shape who needed surgery more than I did.

I'm starting to have knee pain and I noticed a small lump on my left knee.

Financial Hardship

I get $730 a month. Living month to month is hard on me. Bills come the same time money does, so I have little left for anything else.

I have to borrow money when my car breaks down. Then I end up with another loan to pay back. I have to pay bills where I am living.

Income Efforts

I have applied for jobs. I have completed customer service training at Walton Options in Augusta Georgia.

I receive social security and SSI. They are my only income ($730).

I applied for work-from-home jobs.

This is my first attempt at getting grant.

Specific Needs

I need financial aid to help pay off some debts. This would give me some much-needed breathing room.

I want to start saving money but right now I can't because nothing is left out of my bills.

I need a lawyer's advice on how to get visitation with my son but I can't afford a lawyer right now.

I don't want sympathy; I want my life to change.

Business Idea

I am in school getting my bachelor's in music production. I want to write gospel songs. I want to start a music company or fund my music. I love music and I want to do music for my creator.

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