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Disability Grant Money To Help Bipolar And Herniated Tina Work From Home

by Tina Kennon
(Henrico, Virginia, USA)

My name is Tina. I am 47 years old, female and with no children or siblings. My parents are still living.

My mom who is 73, lives about four miles away but can't drive after dusk, and my father, who is 80, lives about a mile away.

I live with my retired service dog Georgia, and my new Puppy, Raven, that I am training to be my new service dog.

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Disability Issues

I was diagnosed with mental illness in 1978 at age 12, when I was first put on medication. I have been on medication since then.

I am now on 12 medicines to maintain my array of mental illness from bipolar to sometimes hallucinations.

I also am physically disabled. I have had seven neck and back surgeries. Recently I have acquired a chronic intestinal condition, which leads to surgeries about every eight months, where I am hospitalized for about 12 days at a time.

My first time with the condition, I almost died from gangrene. And I lost nine feet of intestines and colon. I spent 53 days in the hospital followed by 10 days in rehab.

Most of the time I am bedridden three to four days a week completely. The rest of the week I can manage to get out of bed and out to my local coffee shop for about four hours before having to return to bed for the rest of the day.

I have been legally disabled and on Social Security Disability since 2001.

Financial Hardship

I have a really hard time finding surgeons for my condition that believe in me, because my multiple internal hernia condition is extremely rare.

In fact it is so rare that I myself could only find one other person on the entire World Wide Web that had the same condition.

The surgeons that I have had have all retired oddly enough. I have run out of surgeons in the Richmond area who believe enough to operate on me. This is despite the findings from my test results, and from the black and white surgery reports stating that multiple internal hernias have already been operated on.

I also have a nine-month-old puppy that is being trained (free of charge by a local trainer). However I have to take her to the classes and then work with her at home to teach her myself.

At first I thought this was the way to go, but now I am too sick to train her enough. I can't make all of the classes and I am too sick at home to work with her every day.

Income Efforts

I applied for SSDI back 20 plus years ago and received it after three years of waiting it out and following it up and struggling working four hours a week.

After eight months I was cut off because of a computer glitch. I tried to go back to work, not knowing it was a mistake. I struggled and struggled going through job after job.

Finally in June of 2001, I applied for disability again and got it within a month. They explained that it had been a mistake, but that I would not receive back pay.

I have given two-day seminars from time to time and I tried to work seven hours a week at one time, but I have been unsuccessful, as I am somewhat housebound psychologically, and did not have a service dog at the time.

I didn't have the skills to work at home then either. Also If I make more than just a couple hundred dollars a year I will lose my Medicaid and that will cost me more than $10,000 in medical bills a year from medicine co-pays to doctor bills.

Also, now that I have become physically disabled on top of my mental illness and bed-bound almost 24/7 on top of being housebound from my mental illness, it is almost impossible to work.

Specific Needs

One thing I would really like to find is a way to locate surgeons across the east coast that might be able to help me. That would then lead to needing money for lodging and food while I am seeing the surgeon for consultation, before a possible hospital stay and/or surgery.

Also If I were out of state I would need financial help to cover what Medicaid would not pay, as it won't pay for anything out of state. So my Medicare will only cover 80 percent.

I need to find a way to train my dog. Perhaps a volunteer could come to my house and work with her every day. Alternatively, I could use some financial assistance so I could pay her trainer to train her by herself without me.

Business Idea

I would like a better laptop and software package to help with working from home. I can take Adobe software classes online to help me bring my 10-year-old skills up to date.

After getting the necessary hardware and software and taking the Adobe classes, I could work from home. I would have to be able to make just enough money not to lose my current package of benefits.

Of course it would always be nice to come off of Disability completely, but I think it is more realistic to start with a smaller, achievable goal.

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Jan 07, 2014
A word of gratitude
by: Tina

I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Don by chance at a coffee shop. Somehow we got on a discussion of what he did, and we talked about my disability. He encouraged me to take advantage of his site to help find some help for myself. I am truly blessed to have run into him and to have my story published here. Thank you so much for this opportunity

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