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Disability Grant Money To Help Cerebral Palsy Disabled Single Mom

by Shanique Lawrence
(Newport News, Virginia, USA)

I am a 26 year old cerebral palsy disabled single mom with two children.

My son, Omarion is seven years old and is ADHD. My daughter, Shakeema is four years old and she has a heart murmur.

We are a little happy family that loves to do things together. My mother, Alvinita, is a very good support, and so are my two little sisters Shyquana and Benita.

I have never been in the military.

Disability Issues

I have cerebral palsy. I was born with it and at three months old the doctors diagnosed me with it.

I had to wear braces on both of my legs for the first three years of my life. At the age of three I was hospitalized in Camden, New Jersey.

I had surgery on my left leg and spent a month in the hospital. After that I only had to wear a brace on my right leg.

I wore it until I was 12 old. It helped my left leg catch up with my right leg, because they were six inches apart.

They are now only two inches apart. I can now walk a little better, but not too much before I began to feel pain in my knee and ankle.

Financial Hardship

My money is very limited. My son gets $395 in supplementary security income a month and $258 in child support every two weeks.

My daughter and I don't receive any money of our own. We stay with my mother because we can't afford to stay on our own.

I don't have a car because I can't afford one. So we have to rely on other people or the bus to get us to where we need to go.

Sometimes I can get medical transportation, but that only helps with appointments. Anywhere else that we have to go we have to get on the bus.

So we stay home a lot and try to make the best of the situation. I am trying to get disability income for myself so I can better my family but I keep getting denied.

They say that I am not disabled enough but I am having a lot of trouble getting a job because most of the jobs require you to stand for a long time in which I can't do.

Income Efforts

I applied for supplementary security income, but I keep getting denied. I have a hearing coming up in January and hopefully it will go well.

I have applied for student grants for school, but that's the only type of grants I know about.

My mother is a very good support for me. She gives me money or helps me pays for things if I come up short with anything for me or my kids.

I don't have many friends that is financially able to help me and my children.

Specific Needs

I am seeking a little bit of everything at this moment.

I would like to work, but the only real sitting job is secretary and you usually need some type of degree to get hired.

I need student grants, because I'm trying to go back to school to study culinary arts. I'm having some trouble though, because I had already been to school before.

I paid my FAFSA back, but I also had taken a personal loan out and I didn't remember and now it's keeping me from going back to school.

I'm not looking for sympathy, just some good advice and some financial help if possible.

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Dec 27, 2012
Oh Yes There's Help
by: Claudy


There is a lot of help you just haven't found it. Let me tell you how!

Go online to a website called benefits.gov and take the survey. It will ask a lot of statistical questions like age, gender, income, area of residence and so on. After you answer all the questions, it gives you a computerized list of all the help you qualify for. It's complete with addresses and contact information. You are going to see for the first time the big picture of all the programs, services and grants offered by the government you can access. Get excited because you are going to be...

You can print out the list or email it to yourself because it is going to be quite lengthy and it will take some time to go through everything. You are going to be busy. Just in case you need it benefits.gov has just added a video link to explain it all to you. I think you won't have any trouble but you can always go to your public library and ask them to help you. They will help if needed.

Everyone I know was turned down for disability usually many times before they actually received benefits. It took me three times and a Social Security Attorney before I got mine.

The good news about your denial is now an Attorney will surely take your case. Go to the yellow pages in your phone book and look under attorneys and go through it till you get to Social Security Attorneys and pick the one closest or easiest to get to and call them.

Also call your US Senator for Virginia. Your Senator's office will help you get your disability and can also ask for your case to be expedited faster. Do that soon because you have a hearing in January. Then call your US Congresspeople and do the same thing. Ask for help.

Do not forget to print out your story on Accessible.org and take it with you to your hearing and include it with every agency, service and Grant. You have been published by an international non-profit for the disabled and they will sit up and take notice. Let them realize there are many people concerned and watching your situation. Always take it with you or tell them to go online and read your story.

You see how you need to do everything possible to ensure you get disability and then you will. Hang in there woman!

Do everything I have mentioned. Benefits.gov is going to really get you the help you need but do everything I've told you about and you'll win. Let us know what happens because we are interested.

I'm wishing for a whole bunch of great luck coming to you real soon. This New Year lucky 2013 is going to be the best year yet for you. I just know it.

You're in our thoughts and bye for now...

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