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Disability Grant Money To Help Diabetes Disabled Mother Get Reliable Vehicle

by Deborah Huey
(Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA)

I am 57 years old. On my own, I raised five children all of whom I am very proud of. Now I am dealing with multiple disabilities.

I am diabetic, have emphysema and deterioration of the spine with arthritis. I am on SSI and have so much trouble paying my bills.

I have been trying to find an organization that will help me with a good running car to get me to my doctors appointments and to the store.

Someone hit the car I have now while it was parked legally on the street. It has no left blinker, a cracked windshield, and the exhaust system smokes so bad it makes me sick.

I was going to try to go back to school online. I even got my grants approved, but the computer I got from my oldest son is a Windows 98 and won't get me into the classrooms.

I joined Aidage to help others, but no one seems to have any help for me. My SSI did NOT get a raise so after the bills are paid there is nothing left for me to help myself with.

I went to a spine doctor yesterday and he is sending me to rehabilitation to try and strengthen my bones so that I will be in less pain sitting here.

But if my transportation isn't reliable I won't be able to keep all of my appointments. I have applied to Charity Cars (www.donateacar.com) but it is a long process.

If it weren't for food stamps I would not be able to eat. That is how I survive. Is there some kind of help I am eligible for?

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Dec 22, 2012
How to find benefits...
by: Don from Ability-Mission.org


You'll want to check out benefits.gov.

It's a legitimate government site with a handy tool called the Benefit Finder.

All you have to do is answer a few questions (no personal info is needed). Based on the information you provide, the Benefits Finder generates a list of benefit programs for which you are eligible.

The list has program details and contact information. All you have to do after that is follow up on the lead.


You'll be surprised at what you'll find.

Don from Ability-Mission.org

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