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Disability Grant Money To Help Disabled Woman Escape Abusive Husband

by Susan
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I am a 52-year-old married woman. While in college I was voted most likely to succeed.

I graduated in nursing and worked but then my husband started the abuse that has taken away my job, esteem, family, virtually everything.

I have tried to get out, but on low fixed income it's not possible. I never stopped fighting to get out for years, but now I'm too tired and I have given up.

My life is really not worth living. My husband is sadistic and cruel and I have even given up on God.

I am unaware how this program works but I could tell and prove how horrific life is being trapped and continually abused physically, emotionally and verbally.

If there were any help available to be had before my life ends without ever living, it would be heaven sent.

I wish to return to school and purchase my first home. Upon completion of schooling I could start repaying the loan.

I am not a weak person. Circumstances led to my demise by my husband's abuse. It began when my sister was murdered. Shortly thereafter it was my father's health condition (gangrene) right foot. I tried for two years to save his leg and eventually his life.

I worked with surgeons by bringing him home after every operation and gave him intensive care nursing.

I consulted with surgeon daily and to my horror they missed a clot in his abdomen and gangrene spread throughout his body causing blood poisoning and a horrific prolonged death.

This was followed eight months later with the loss of my mother. I was not concerned about my health or the financial loss I incurred.

What really put an end to me was when my brothers changed locks on the family home, denying me access to my parent's home.

They then changed the will, removing me completely out of it and throwing my nephew out on the street.

I knew what they were doing was illegal but I had suffered such psychological trauma I was incapacitated and they knew it.

The conditions I presently find myself in are all due to me not looking after myself or my financial state during this horrendous time

Disability Issues

I have physical disabilities that cause severe pain due to the fact that I have to lift heavy objects to maintain my home. Even doing dishes aggravates the condition.

My left hand and arm are numb and using them sets off nerve pain spasms. I manage as I am on painkillers for life, however I am not supposed to be lifting anything heavier than a liter of milk.

I believe my back problem occurred when my drunken husband pushed me down a flight of stairs. I was recently diagnosed with depression from I believe years of sadistic torment.

Financial Hardship

I am disabled and living on a side street. I have difficulties walking and taking public transportation.

My husband has a car but he refuses to give me a ride even for groceries, which I very rarely have. He eats at restaurants and spends most of his time in bars, which only increases abuse.

I live on bread and spaghetti from the corner store. My neck and back have severe herniations and need a knee replacement. Due to limitations and very low self-esteem I have an extremely poor quality of life.

Income Efforts

I pick up sporting goods at thrift shops and second hand stores and sell to the Play it Again store.

I also look for scrap metal to take to the scrap yard but lack of a car prevents my attempts to make money.

I have a DISABILITY TAX CREDIT but I am usually too upset to focus or follow up with inquiries.

Specific Needs

I would like a grant for school, a loan for a first-time homebuyer house as I am disabled on a fixed income.

I would like a loan get out and away from my abusive husband immediately and secure an apartment with furniture for my daughter and myself.

I would like some type of benefit to obtain food and if possible Christmas gifts although I realize that this is not essential.

My most urgent requirement is to sustain my life with the financial ability to move away from the constant abuse immediately, as I can't take much longer.

I fought hard over these years to leave and be able to support myself, to pay for accommodations, food and transportation.

I also have a 20-year-old daughter that I love with all my heart, yet my husband tries to turn her against me. The worst part is that now she is starting to believe him.

For example, he tells her that I'm a lazy good-for-nothing waste of space. These remarks are made when the emotional and physical pain keep me bedridden crying for days.

The physical abuse ended with police involvement, but the psychological and emotional abuse has increased and worsened.

Business Idea

I am interested in opening a specialty store with antiques, products from all over the world. I have been trying to follow through on an application from the government but the abuse and upset is continually leaving me isolated in an existence that can only compare to hell.

My desire to attend school is to obtain education in finance and business management. I would also require mathematics and accounting courses, along with any courses required to get a diploma or certificate.

I love nursing and was given a promotion to in-charge nurse the day before my back was injured. I accomplished so many things only to be stripped of them and degraded.

Once I am out of this environment I will succeed in any venture I take on. I still have a huge amount of motivation and if given a chance, I would be an asset to the community and contribute to society.

I would also hire underprivileged citizens with a desire to improve their circumstances. In addition if I were given this miracle I would repay 100 times over for everything. It would change my current existence.

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Feb 02, 2018
by: mjh

also U may want to look at some psychologist help...it seems like You need to learn how to cope with this whole situation ....
and build Your self esteem again....

mental heath is very important actually !!!!..

Feb 02, 2018
by: Your Real Nkjhgame

I think maybe U could go to the local Church and ask for food pantry items ...???
or call them ....?
checking with social services sounds like great advice ....

Apr 26, 2013
Similar situation
by: Anonymous

Hi Susan,

I am sorry to hear how rough things are for you. People who are not in this situation should not judge.

For years I have been trying to figure out how to escape my abusive partner/caretaker. Charismatic, sociopaths are very believable, even when lying through their teeth. When my partner controls my money, friends, family, dress, hair, and etcetera, I feel completely hopeless and unable to escape.

Thank you for posting this. In some strange way it helps to know there are others struggling in similar situations. You are not alone.

I hope things are going better for you!

Dec 20, 2012
You, Yourself
by: Anonymous

Also in addition, if you have been married for a length of time and you have children with this man, it would seem you must have rights and ownership of property and moneys. I live in the US and I'm not sure where you live but I have to believe he gets everything and you get nothing. Just does not sound right. Again go to the library and inquiry about your rights to financial and tangible assets. I'm sure something is yours. He may have you think it is all his but the law determines your rights. Even if it is in his name and not yours.

Dec 19, 2012
You, Yourself
by: Claudy

I'm not sure what to say because I don't know much of the details. I do know that if someone pushes you down the stairs, you call the police. If someone changes the locks on a home that you own with them, you call the police. If you feel that you have nothing to live for and you're at the end of your rope, you call the police. Got that? You call the police in almost every situation you have mentioned.

No one has the power to cut you out of a will except the person who wrote it. If you were told you were cut from a will I do not believe that is possible. It sounds like someone has lied to you or if you are out of the will that would mean you were never in it in the first place. You need to check the will which is public record typically and you may do that at your local library and ask for help at the help desk.

You can only help yourself. No society will allow you to be abused but they do not know you are abused. You need to call the police. But you say things that I don't understand. He pushes you down the stairs and then you're asking him for a ride. You will never better yourself as long as it is his fault or their fault or anyone's fault but your own if you do not call the police.

You need to contact the Social Services in your area. Again, go to the library and tell them you need help and will they assist you in finding who and where that help is! They will certainly help you. Then you call or go to where they are at and tell them to read your story on Ability-Mission.org. Tell the police to read your story on Ability-Mission.org. Tell everyone you speak to that maybe able to help you to read your story on Ability-Mission.org.

There is help but you and only you have to find it.

Good luck.

Dec 19, 2012
Toronto troubles
by: Ken

Hi Susan,

Sorry to hear of your situation. You must do something and I know it is hard to leave. I can give you an address that you should talk to. I believe that they can steer you in the right direction, or at least have some contacts for you. Try this:


Best wishes,

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