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Disability Grant Money To Help Disc And Bone Disease Disabled Single Mom

by Jessica
(Black Lick, Pennsylvania, USA)

I am a 31-year-old single disabled mother with a disabled child.

Right now I am trying to rent to own my home. I still owe $37,000 on it.

My payment to my landlord is $742 a month right now. We have six years to go before we own this home.

My son and I desperately need your help. If I could pay off our home we could in turn survive.

We receive $75 a month in food stamps.

After the rent is paid I have to choose which utility to pay and even then there is no extra money for food.

I know that if I could just pay off my home and only have to pay lot rent we would then be able to make all the bills and still be able to get some food.

I'm trying so hard to give my son a happy healthy nice home. I'm scared however that we might end up in the streets and homeless shelters.

I cannot let this happen but neither can we continue to live in this way.

It's very hard to be a disabled single mom with a disabled son.

Disability Issues

I have degenerative disc disease and degenerative bone disease. Also unfortunately on top of this I am bipolar.

I had a spine fusion in March of 2012 on the L5 S1 vertebra. Of course the surgery was screwed up. I then had to have surgery again two days later.

Specific dates are March 24, 2012 and March 26, 2012.

The surgery made the pain worse. I decided I did not want to continue with my medications. So therefore I must visit a drug addiction center daily.

My son's disabilities are ADHD and PTSD, which he got the day his pawpaw committed suicide.

He had nightmares and night terrors, which as a parent is a horrid scene and you are helpless.

Financial Hardship

My rent is more than 3/4 of what we get in SSI and SSDI. I pay my landlord a monthly payment right now of $742. I still owe $37,000 on my home.

Because the rent is so high I must pick and choose what utilities I pay. Also I must choose how much to pay. I am receiving shutoff notices.

On top of this we are only receiving $75 in food stamps per month. Unfortunately after rent and utilities are paid we have no money left for food or gas.

We're only barely surviving from paycheck to paycheck. I know that if I can just pay off my home we would have the money to pay all utilities and food and still have money for throughout that month.

I would love to borrow enough to pay off my home so we can stay here where we belong.

Income Efforts

I have borrowed from family members.

I have borrowed from friends.

I do online surveys. So far that venue has become unproductive.

My church has given us money to help. I haven't been to church in a long while, so help from them is pretty much extinguished.

I have a hard time attending church due to complications with my back and for lack of funds for gasoline to get there

Specific Needs

I would like a grant to pay off the remaining balance of my home.

I also would like some advice on budgeting so that somehow if possible we could consolidate all the bills and juggle our money so that we may survive the month, until we get our benefits again.

It would make us both so happy to be able to afford everything and pay what needs to be paid and maybe have something left to save.

God forbid some kind of emergency occurs we would not be able to do anything.

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Dec 22, 2012
Read Between The Lines
by: Claudy


Sometimes you have to read between the lines to get an understanding of any situation. For instance food stamps are determined by how much money you receive minus your utilities and some of your other bills and then the amount left is what is considered when determining the amount of food stamps granted! You do have some need in food assistance and $75 is the amount needed after subtracting your bills. So when you say you either pay utilities or buy food something is wrong.

You receive disability which means you should apply for rent assistance and I'm sure there is a waiting list, but the sooner you apply the sooner you will get help. Also you would probably be able to get a government subsidized apartment if ever you needed a place to live. The waiting list is usually many years but if you're without a place to live they always miraculously find you a place in a emergency situation. In other words, your fear of being homeless is unfounded. It will not happen, so you can relax.

Go to benefits.gov and take the online survey. The survey is statistical questions and very simple to answer. Once you've answered all the questions, you get a computerized list of all the government help you qualify for. It is complete with addresses and contact information. I assure you there is a lot of help you were not aware of. It is a very good resource. Benefits.gov just added a video link for extra help if needed. You shouldn't have any problem though.

I'm not sure about help with paying off a trailer but I'm sure there is a lot of help.

I hope for a bunch of good luck for you soon. Take care....

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