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Disability Grant Money To Help Disc Pain Disabled Man Make Ends Meet

by Michael Ballard
(Palmerton, PA, USA)

I am 53 years old and live in PA. I have a wife and a daughter and two stepsons who are out on their own.

Disability Issues

I first damaged my spine when I was 17 and was operated on for a bad disc. Since then I had five more back operations and fusions, which have failed over and over.

I have been disabled since 1995. I live in chronic pain and take over 500 mgs of morphine. I've seen a pain doctor every month since 1995.

I am 100% disabled and collect SSD.

I can only walk short distances and driving is difficult too. Sitting at time causes pain so for the most part I need to lie down in bed.

Financial Hardship

I have not worked since 1995 and between just living each month and paying bills and medical co-pays and script co-pays I have a large debt load.

My family is deceased and I have no one to help me.

I have had to borrow money on credit cards and loans but the debt load is getting larger because each year the cost of everything keeps going up.

Driving is very difficult so traveling is difficult. I should have a decent hospital bed and also bath equipment, which I can't afford even with Medicare.

Income Efforts

Every month I get SSD, which is about $1300.

I no longer have family to help because they are all deceased.

Friends don't have any extra money and most churches around where I live are overloaded helping others.

So I keep borrowing money on credit cards and small loans but it's to the point I cannot pay the monthly amount including electric and heating oil, which is so hard to pay at $1100 for 300 gallons.

Specific Needs

I need help paying for scripts and medical equipment for home and the car and also to redo outside and inside stairs so I can go upstairs and down the front steps.

I owe money to my credit cards for paying doctor and medical bills and deductions and just everyday bills and medical care each day and each month.

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