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Disability Grant Money To Help Double Amputee Pay His Bills And Buy Groceries

by Cedric Cross
(New York, NY, USA)

I am a single black male. I am 52 years old. I have no kids.

I have a mom who lives in Florida. I cannot afford to go visit her, but we keep in touch by phone.

Disability Issues

I'm a double amputee and some of my fingers are missing.

I do struggle sometimes due to the fact that my artificial legs cause me pain. I am able to walk. So far I do not need a wheelchair.

Financial Hardship

I do receive SSD and it is not enough because my rent is high and I have to pay Con Edison.

This is killing me because once I pay my rent and the Con Ed bill and my cell phone bill I am out of money.

The reason I have a cell phone is because I am unable to afford a house phone.

I am using a neighbor's computer to write this story.

I receive HEAP but that is not enough for me to pay my Con Edison bill.

I am unable to seek employment because of my legs.

Income Efforts

I did try to get money from my mom but she is on a fixed income.

I have no friends that I can borrow money from.

I tried certain agencies but they gave the run around.

Specific Needs

I just want to get a free grant to help me catch up with my bills.

This would help me avoid struggling every month and being depressed.

I do not need aggravation in my life. I just need a simple grant.

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