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Disability Grant Money To Help Overweight Mother With Medicaid Alternative

by Linda
(Bronx, New York, USA)

I got divorced and to be honest it was my fault. But my daughter suffered the most. A government grant or other such aid would help us out.

I ate all kinds of comfort foods. It was fun and cheap. We both gained weight. She suffered gaining 90 pounds.

She went to college and took a nutrition class and in three years time lost the 90 pounds. She looks great.

I did not lose anything. I am unemployed, not well and still need to lose at least 90 pounds. What can I do, sell Avon? Hey no customers.

I cried out to God to help me. Great idea… start a prayer club for overweight poor women and give Avon as a reward for weight loss.

Who buys the Avon? The church does. I lose weight, sell Avon and stop being lonely all at the same time. Who can help me get this thing started? Thank you!

If I had money I would also start a daddy day care and coffee shop -- a free day care for men left with their babies to come in and leave or stay with free help for their babysitting. All men did not grow up with fathers and don't know how.

Right now my daughter's doing temp work to get money for graduation stuff and I don't have the May rent. What an awful mess.

I used to work at a nursing home. I ate something bad there and now my whole body is messed up. I have no Medicaid and I need vitamins and treatment.

I have two bedrooms and no bedroom set for me to sleep in so I sleep in the living room. My 24-year-old daughter's bedroom set is 20 years old. My ex-husband and I bought it when she was four years old.

She lost all this weight and we don't have money to buy new clothes for her weight loss. What a mess. But she looks great.

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